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Niko Sant            

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The CALL of the ETERNITY      
the magic of life and death               


The book has a strong energy influence


The book is not advisable for people with weake psichology

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Part 1

1 The magic of life and death.
2 (Ratapala sutra)
3 (Life after death, reincarnation)

Part 2

4 (prayer, resolution, subconsciousness)
5 (what to begin with?)
6 (diary of meditations, experience of practising people)
7 (answering the questions)
8 (answering the questions - continuation)
9 (practicing of opening the heart)


10 Appendix 1 (fortell the future)
11 Appendix 2 (the Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo)

Estimate “The Call of the Eternity”

17 % I am shaken (in the finest sense of the word)
23 % That is i was seeking for a long time
17 % A very good book
6 % A good book
2 % Not bad
4 % The right book
4 % Don’t like
1 % It looks like Zombi!
5 % I have something to say, but it is better to hold my peace
8 % I’ll read it some time later
10 % I haven’t read and never will do
3 % The time hasn’t come yet for this book

The continuation of “The Call of the Eternity” you may read on cite SUPREME YOGA (only in Russian).


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