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What is soul?

It is said, that soul is a particle of the God, a divine spark, it is a part of the man, which reincarnates from life to life, which accomplishes the evolution, itís really a particle of divine spirit, isolated, which can be made out. If we speak about Atmana above the head, then the spirit is not incarnated, it is static, and the same in everybody - this is a particle of the pure, transcendent spirit. The soul is anahata individualized spirit, a divine particle, acquiring its own personal consciousness, but it is not the consciousness, people may think of, it is not the consciousness, known for people, it is not intellect, not your desires and notions, not your memory, not your ego. It is a clear, peaceful, delighting consciousness, it has anahata immediate contact with the God, realizing itself, it sees the God in everything, as all around us - is the God, so the consciousness cannot suffer at all.

But it is said, that the soul bleeds?

Yes, it is said. But people donít realize their soul, so they cannot tell anything about it. That which troubles you is not the soul, these are strata of soiling, which block up your soul. We speak about true soul; the soul of desires suffers, however. That which troubles you is your soiling: affections, feeling of property, pride, your social aims, imposed by society, emotions of soul is sacred love, just sacred, but not egoistic. If you say, that you love your son with pure loving care, then you could direct the same love to the world around you. If your love is pure and sacred, then you wouldnít suffer from unshared love, you will take pleasure in feeling of love itself, irrespective of the treatment you of the object of l. emotions of soul is sacred compassion. If you realize your soul, divine essence, then you will also realize the God in the world around. If one insults you or treats you badly, then you will realize divine essence behind the mask of anahata ignorant person, but if you see, that this man doesnít realize his divine essence and identifies himself external consciousness, which will be destroyed after his death, you will experience sacred compassion on the soul, buried under gathering of artificial persons.


But if one insults us, then it is unpleasant for us all the same, even we realize, that he has a soul too.

But again, it is unpleasant for your soiling, that is you feel yourself affected and disturbed. The soul is pure, there is nothing in it for low thoughts and emotions. The nature of the soul means real delight, happiness and joy. Even if you experience the compassion, then you donít suffer at all. People donít understand, how it happens, as they want to realize with the help of their intellect and their soiling, they have to feel and experience ti, but not to talk on and on. When we speak about the compassion, people may mean the pity, but the compassion doesnít mean the pity. You feel sorry for one, who is weaker, who is humble and insulted. The compassion is a pure feeling, you may experience it regarding weak and strong people, regarding everybody, who doesnít realize his divine essence. And who realize it? The more well-to-do is a man, the more busy he is in the social life, the more compassion we may have on him.

Imagine, that you go the street, fill the whole Universe with your soulís energy, delight in the existence itself and suddenly, before my eyes a car knock a cat down. Instead of remaining in the soulís energy you go in your external consciousness (the soul retreats, of course), and instead of the bold look at the situation through your soiling you see your soiling only, which are badly to look at, so that you averts your face with disgust. I went through something like that. A car knocked down a cat before my eyes. The cat was guilty of that himself. It was evident, that he would get into trouble, when he was going to cross the street. He was crossing before the bus and went on to look at it, while a foreign model of car flew by in the opposite direction. His spine was broken, but he was still alive. The forepart was a paralyzed and hind paw attempted to stand up. He turned in a circle, trying to rise, but hind paws and head were motionless. All, who observed it, turned aside with horror or followed his decease with disgust. I started to meditate on anahata at once and the nearer was the decease, the more my heart filled with consciousness and love. I looked at him not like a body, but like a soul, which course of life came to anahata end. When the death-agong drew to a close, I realized, that the life left the body. My soul could see, how his soul separated from the body, becoming free from torments. At that instant I experienced delight for his soul, which became free. I did not know, where he would reincarnate later, but at the moment he got rid of sufferings and one could envy him only.

In other words, you offer to rejoice at his death. Do you?

I offer you to realize eternal soul in yourself and in others, not including your intellect, social aims, and emotions and soiling in that consciousness. One may realize his soul without knowing what the future may hold in store for it after death, but you must still recognize, that there is not death, your external creature is dead only, your external personality, in future life you will have another body, another intellect, another personality, if you are born in a Mohammedan country, then, most likely, you would be a Mussulman, just as you may consider yourself a Christian in this life. The external personality is formed by surroundings, education, and social environment. Almost all people in Russia consider themselves Christians, but they did not even take the trouble to read the gospel, they know about Christ by hearsay only, they donít go to the church and those, who go, donít aspire to the God. In this life such people donít imagine themselves adherents of different religions, they say, we are Russians, orthodox believers, they seem to think, that Christ was also a Russian. In future life they, being born in a Mohammedan country, will uphold the Mohammedan religion with the same zeal. Though they do not care, what to be, if only to be as all people, not more.

People call a soul whatever you like, but not a true soul. It is natural, they donít know it, and they know their wishes and emotions, notions about soul, which are not correct. They even experience some high feelings, rather pure, but it is not still a soul, it is its reflection only, the soulís power is incredible, its emotions are strong, having experienced it, you could see the whole poverty of external life, spiritual needs. If you feel your soul, then the world around you is filled with energy of your soul and you live on this energy. Even if you had headache or you felt low, then, after you have come into the energy of your soul, all would be filled with that mild, tender energy, the weakness and headache e would be over, you would stop to feel a dirty energy in yourself and environment, all would be filled with divine peace. It is considered that one cannot get into a conscious contact with his soul. But it is quite possible to feel its presence. What we have to do here, meditating on our sacred love and compassion to the astral music - is provoking soulís emotions, what helps us to get into contact with it. As a rule, it comes easy to everybody, you are still able to go into soulís energy and to fill the world around with this energy, now you need live in this state, look at the world around through your heart, be able not mix up your intellect and fixed ideas in soulís energy. Intellect, life, body are to be instruments only, which they are indeed, it is foolish to identify yourself with them and become slaves of them. Try to live in this energy some days. You are still able to meditate and you know, that, if you go into a strong energy, then your consciousness, emotions, thoughts stop automatically. Simply be your soul, identify yourself with its energy, but not with your emotions and external consciousness. If you need formulating your thought, express anahata idea, then you need use your intellect, but you neednít constantly be in it. Your external consciousness is like a worn out gramophone record, everything moves in a circle and cannot stop. The intellect is in continuous movement, even if we donít use it at the given moment, it thinks about something all the same, overcomes something, your emotions respond to external and internal irritants, you, like a radio set, are tuned on a appointed frequency or on some frequencies and pick up all indiscriminately, identifying yourself with that radio set and with what you have picked up. But all these are instruments of soul, which shows its worth in this world, they are necessary that the soul could develop and show its worth in this world. But we confuse cause and effect, identifying ourselves with external instruments.

As a matter of fact it is not so difficult to get into contact with soul, it is difficult to retain the contact constantly. It is difficult to confide in soul, to give up external instruments, not paying attention to external person. In order to achieve it, you have to realize, that all your welfare, social standing are of no importance. You must give up trouble about such things and think of the development of your soul only. That is really difficult, but the release is worthwhile. Having constantly got rid of worry about external life and having been absorbed in your soul, you would be ready to die at any moment. It doesnít mean, that you have to stop taking part in external life and to wish the death, no, but it means, that you would value the realizing your own soul only and after contact with this eternal creature inside of you, you would stop to be afraid of either death or external shocks. Moreover, realizing your soul, you would take pleasure in its energies, being in contact with the eternity, so any shocks would expel energies of soul, free of sufferings. There is no point in talk about it, you need experience it. But people want to realize with their intellect what oversteps the limits of the intellect and is contrary to its laws.

It is difficult to think about soul, when one is forced to worry about external life and feed children.

That is self-deception. Nobody compels you to turn away from life; your task is to apprehend it correctly taking into account the soul itself. External difficulties help the soul only to go out, you need apprehend everything through your heart only. What do people undertake, having encountered the difficulties? They leave pure emotions and begin to concentrate on their grief, on their pain, feeding them in that way. Imagine, that you will be dismissed in a weak. If you become troubled and upset beforehand, then it will hardly yield good results and can undermine your health only, you may even gain heart attack. That is you will experience the situation beforehand, which, maybe, shouldnít occur, so you seem to force a bad energy in you and afterwards you complain about the life. In the end, you could be really dismissed because of insufficient capacity for work, as, instead of pinning your hoped on the Most High, you savor your grief and donít work in full measure, entering negative information. It is difficult for simple people not to concentrate on their problems, but you still know, that all is energy, you may go in it, stop your consciousness. If you will go on living like people around you, on a well-worn road, then you wonít acquire anything, however your children too. What can you teach your children, living like all around you? If you live for the sake of your soul, then your children will learn to live natural life, in harmony with your essence and the world around you.

But children also want to dress well and live not worse than others.

Nobody forces you to wear rags. When I speak about your children, then I mean their souls. You have to realize, that they live for the sake of spiritual development. All, what you can do for them - is to live in soul and to set anahata example. You must concentrate on your own spiritual development in site of everything. If you had not children and you aspire to full spiritual perfection, then I would not advise you to acquire children, but if you still have them, in spite of everything you should devote your life to the development of soul, as it is a true life.

And who then will bear children? So all mankind could die out.

First, all mankind would not spend a lot of time at spiritual practice, and even if it occurs, then there will be heaven. Even if ten percents are monks, the mankind should not die out, now there six milliards people in the world and in the eighties they were four milliards. It doesnít matter in any case, as meaning of life is evolution of consciousness. The man excelled animals in his development not much more, he has intellect, which is able to distribute everything and analyze it. But the man doesnít use even this instrument, mostly people act and behave like animals being under the influence of emotions and instincts, perhaps, they comprehend with their intellect, that they act incorrectly, but their wish and emotion is so strong, that the man is unable to withstand them. It may be said, that the man possesses potentialities for control his nature and spiritual advance, but it did not become generally accepted achievement. Instead of using their these potentialities, people live as in the past, using their intellect for satisfaction of their animal necessities, doing their animal life fore comfortable and keen. But what about the evolution of consciousness? Milliards people lived before you, your parents laid down their lives so that you might develop in spiritual respect. But you donít want to take the trouble and you say: ďWho will bear children?Ē What are children born for? In order that people would still live on the Earth in thousand years and go on bearing children thoughtlessly and lay down their lives in order to continue human kind? Is it worth to do it, if everyone taken separately, does not matter at all? The man is created in order to continue the evolution of consciousness, but you make up incredible reasons so that not to develop and live in his petty selfishness. You shouldnít worry about dying out of mankind, if you donít bear a child more, think a little about yourself, your soul. The nature will have to see to the continuation of human kind. Your task is spiritual evolution. You have to accomplish the conscious evolution or, if you like, revolution of consciousness. But if, nevertheless, the continuation of human kind troubles you, then, I think, you may bear children, provided they would be in atmosphere, promoting spiritual development. You can put it into practice, if by chance you would develop yourself, but people stopped on the animal standard of development, though they possess spiritual potentialities.

Therefore you commit a crime, delaying the evolution of consciousness and living like all around. If you sincerely trouble about mankind, about its development and future, then you would resolutely give up all false strata and soiling, which are at the bottom of the whole chaos in the world, of all wars, taking away millions people and killing your children. In order to improve the situation, it is necessary to change the whole mankind, that is us. So begin with yourself, change yourself and your environments. There is no point in promulgating new laws and concluding international agreements until people remain the same barbarians. It is necessary to change people themselves. There is no point in poking your finger at somebody and being terrified the ignorance around you, change yourself and it would make a good start in transformation of the whole mankind. That is a real work, which you can do for you and your children, for the future of the Earth.

What I tell you is a way of heart. It is a very easy and safe way, all people may follow it, if they want to. If you aspire to the universal release, then you have to get to know the impersonal aspect of consciousness, Atmana above the head, but it is more complicated and here you may run the danger of being absorbed by your ego, imaging yourself the God.

I am still unable to feel the true energy; it is interesting, where does all this come from? As for as I know, we are the source of its radiation?

No, when we go into the external energy, we donít radiate it, because it exists by itself. At first we collect energy in the body, start to feel it, are in the mood for delicate feelings, though they are still not delicate, as we feel the energy more specifically than the matter. With the help of our energy we get into contact with external immobility, with powerful energy, which we feel not abstractly, but I repeat myself, really. Victoria doesnít even notice the breath of wind in the street, the energy presses so strong, that it becomes difficult for her to respire. We must not call it delicate feelings.

It may be added, that we, being filled with energy, achieve the energy standard of feelings or, if you want, another measuring, and our energy body gets into direct contact with the energy of Universe, with divine Shakti, we merge with her and feel her by our delicate organs of sense. As a matter of fact everything, we feel, all our feelings, emotions, desires - are our energy. People are unable to feel the matter directly, as their consciousness is a delicate substance, it is not material and therefore all impressions and feelings are transmitted by the energy. For example, I am sitting now on a chair, if you cast a perfunctory glance at my physical feelings, then I donít practically sense my body. I distinctly feel it on the place, where my legs are crossing, because they press each other, and on my arms, where they lean on elbow-rests. What I feel is the energy, which doesnít circulate because of the pressure; it creates depression and internal strain. Our consciousness is also the energy, if I concentrate on legs, then I feel them. Where is consciousness, there is also energy. If I donít concentrate on my body, then I donít feel it too. People say as a rule: ďIf you donít feel your body, then you are healthyĒ. If you have a pain anywhere, so there has been created the depression of energy. As the matter of fact ordinary people have very little energy, therefore they donít feel their body, and my body is filled with energy now, so I feel it, but if I come out of the energy, then I would feel physical body like everybody.

The energy is really a source of feelings and delights. Ordinary people donít posses energy; therefore, in order to feel delights they constantly get rid of it. At a moment, when they discharge the energy, they feel and delight for a while, but later the energy goes away and people experience spiritual bankruptcy again - most human delights are like that. If you are laughing, then you go into the energy of joy for awhile, you are excited during love - making, after that you discharge the energy, if you are taking alcoholic drinks, then you discharge much energy, which you take pleasure in. later spiritual bankruptcy again. If you meditate, then you can constantly be in the energy and take pleasure in it, you can always feel it, moreover, the longer you are in the energy, the stronger it becomes, in addition, you increase your ability of keeping it, you overstep the limits of taking pleasure in it. This state becomes usual for you; you neednít discharge the energy in order to feel it, so you donít lose it. You go into a stable state and live a full life in contrast to people, leading a quiet life. You can spend only a month in such energy and it would afford satisfaction and pleasure more than the whole life, you would be able to feel every instant of your life, your consciousness would go on to function in contrast to ordinary people, who pay no heed to weeks flying by, and when the time wears on, then people hasten it, simply kill. You neednít hasten time, as every instant of your life could be filled to overflowing, and if you have a free minute, then you would be plunged into energy some more deeper and the time would stop for you.

All around is energy. The energy and consciousness are interchangeable; any energy possesses consciousness, which possesses energy. Let us cite cast iron as anahata example, it has crystals and crystalline gratings. There is a certain consciousness, which forms these gratings, that is information of structure of substance. There are no crystals in the water; its molecules are disposed more chaotic than in crystals.

But the water is liquid.

It doesnít matter. There are no crystals in the glass to. Substances are subdivided into amorphous and crystalline. In crystalline substances the consciousness is put in order to a greater degree, so they have structure. The consciousness possesses information and forms matter.

But it depends on the structure of atoms, molecules, and quantity of electrons.

What has it to do with the structure of atoms? There is diamond and there is graphite. They have identical structure of atoms, this is the same substance, but one of them has a crystalline grating and the other one is amorphous. The first one is the firmest formation on the earth and the second one is used as a dry lubricant for diminution of friction.

We speak not about external consciousness, but about consciousness as such. People simply believe, that the consciousness belongs to them only, some of them even suppose, that animals donít realize themselves. It points out full incompetence in this subject. The consciousness is everywhere as well as energy, simply not the whole consciousness is directed outside, it exists, but it is inside. For example, it is weaker in amorphous compounds in contrast to crystalline ones, in simplest living organisms it is developed and put in order to a greater degree. For instance, amoeba - single-sell being - has much more developed consciousness.

Is amoeba more complicated than crystal?

Of course, crystals are easily to reproduce. Scientists make artificial diamonds from graphite, they, maybe, are less pure and more rough, but scientists learnt to make them under proper conditions. However scientists failed to reproduce a living cell. The evolution has not for an object to reduce a small crystal into a large one; its aim is evolution of consciousness. Moreover, a single-cell being contains more information of its structure than a crystal. This being has capsule, nucleus, which passes information during reproduction, this information of structure doesnít change even after millions cycles of cell fission. By the way crystals propagate in the same way as single-cell beings. It would be advisable for you to observe forming of ice on the window. At first appears one crystal, then grows another one next to, so, clinging to each other, they propagate in different directions, gradually there appear fanciful traceries like twigs. The chain reaction is going on there. Or consider the rust. It also grows around primary parts. A nail can be covered with rust on some parts. The mould propagates in the same way that is by small hearths; fungi also grow by small heaps. That is the process of passing of information.

Thus consciousness and life come right, little by little are formed multicellular organisms like hydra. If there more cells in organism, then the consciousness should be corresponding, which comes right the cells, so the consciousness of hydra is more developed than the consciousness of amoeba. The quantity of cells is growing continuously; the consciousness is growing as well, which gradually makes its way to external. When cells become very many, then the division of functions comes over among them, some of them grip the prey, others digest it, the rest observe it, developing external organs of sense. It came to pass that. It came so over that the life went in two directions: vegetable and animal. The animals have always to hunt, ménage to get food, therefore their external consciousness is more developed than of plants, they have always to be directed external in order to get food. Plants synthesize nutrient matters from water and air, so they neednít developing external consciousness, but there are also beasts of prey among them, feeding on other organisms. Under conditions, those plants have to get food, they would also develop external consciousness and external organs of sense, and it is quite possible that reasonable vegetable races exist anywhere. It is said, that even on the Earth, in Oceania, exist plants, which move with the help of roots, stupefy animals by drug smell and then attack them. For such action external organs of sense are still necessary. So it is quite possible appearing of reasonable vegetable creatures, which could live like people, simply the structure of their body would be somewhat different. Though how does the man differ from the tree? The man has blood, but the tree also has saps, which transfer nutrient matters, that are why it is quite possible.

But it is necessary to have brain!

If there were consciousness, then there would also be a spat of its concentration. Gradually there will appear anahata organ, which could generate proper energy for its function. It is not obligatory to have brain with convolutions like those of the man. There should be a particular matter able to involve the organizing consciousness, but all in nature happens synchronously, the consciousness is developed, the matter is also transformed at the same time.

Thus, the man has stopped slightly higher in his development than the animal. Everything, people do now - is satisfaction of their organs of sense. The whole progress in directed to more intensive using of the matter for satisfaction of senses. But the evolution of consciousness is not present here. Two thousands years ago there were no computers, but there were people, who are delighted until now with: Platon, Pythagoras, CiceroÖ The ordinary modern man did not come nearer to them in his development. It was found that we reached a deadlock, as the mankind does not advance. Many realize it and aspire to live in harmony with mature, return to the earth and withdraw from industrial society.

Yes, it is pleasant to be countryside; there is the energy much more.

It is true, the less these concrete boxes, the more plants and natural spaces, the more energy. Imagine, that you move away from the urban life, live in harmony with nature, to the full. That is good, but again, you have just and enjoy life exchanged a dirty energy for a pure one, you have built a castle in the air and live in it, enjoying the energy. But if you went into a strong energy, then there is no difference, where you are - in the country or in the flat. If the energy is really strong, then you would feel it only, if you go into it in the country, then you would stop to apprehend the world around, you would feel the divine energy only and it is everywhere. Moreover, to leave the world to the mercy of fateÖ - it is no good for evolution of consciousness; someone has to work in the world. Of course, it is difficult to live like everybody and to develop at the same time, but if you want a true development, then you should do it. You neednít live like everybody literally, but you should not also run away from the world.

This world of people represents the best place for spiritual development, we have either with sufferings or delights to do here, we also possess developed consciousness, which is able to analyze and develop. If we run away from the world, then we are plunged in the heaven and the lowers heaven is related to animal world. Pay attention to domestic animals - they are replete and well-groomed, they need not get food, struggle for life, they neednít developing, as they have all quite enough. Is it not heaven? The consciousness on the heaven is the same, it doesnít seek to develop. You and I, in general, live in the most beautiful country for spiritual practicing. Let us cite America and Japan as an example with their heaven, typical for high-developed countries, where people are still bagged down in indulgencing their caprices, but they are more vulnerable psychologically, than people in backward countries. As to Russia, then all is in order here: people have just made savings, when all at once bursted out the currency reform, have just become independed, when all at once releasing of prices, have got out again, now default; and so no end in sightÖ It seems everything to be all right, but not, we havenít a minuteís peace, someone shakes us thoroughly up, upsets all our plans, our fates, as if suggesting an idea to us, that there is no need to idle, we must awake and develop.

So some people are not right, damning our politician, they are an instrument in Godís hands only. Naturally, they will be given their due, but everyone has to examine himself from the standpoint of spiritual development and not to try to persecute anybody. If we examine ourselves from the standpoint of the soul and the eternity, then, the more shocks in life, the better, otherwise the evolution wouldnít advance on the earth and would stop at the level of reptiles or insects. People suffer from wrong methods of approach to the life, from opposing soulís will, opposing the Godís will, so they meet with resistance of the world around and get a lot of bumps.

Consider even if acts of terrorism in towns. When explosions were set off in Moscow, all people remained calm. Moscow is far away, our town is small and wanted nobody. But as soon as the explosion was set off in Volgodonsk, right away people began to bustle and were terrified. In the first days some people were even afraid of, sleeping and arranged guarding of houses. Certainly, from the standpoint of a narrow-minded person that is bad, people were lost; many of them became invalids, others were shocked. Many people had acquaintances in suffered houses, I know some people in the most destroyed porch. However tragic it is, that misfortune was of some benefit to people, they became more active and solidary, many people knew, at last, their neighbors during night watching.

Let us consider this situation from the standpoint of more global plans of consciousness. First, investigate the evil, following the acts of terrorism. People, who was lost, lived like all around, with their temporal troubles, they did not develop spiritually, so it is of not great importance the time of their death: now or in twenty years, they would die in the end, and because they lived unspiritual life, they would redouble their ignorance. They perished, that is bad, but at the cost of some lives plenty of people became active, fell to thinking about their lives and remembered the death. People live, as if there is no death at all, so they neednít developing, aspirations, but in the face of the death the man begins to live so that they might have time to do anything in this life. If people constantly keep in mind the death, they would value their lives and time still more.

Other people became invalids. But again, earlier they lived without developing, now they are forced to adapt themselves to new living conditions and to develop. The rest of people - as we still talked of - were shocked, fell to thinking about life and remembered the death. Maybe, the shock was not long, but, no doubt, someone revised his values and changed his life. Of course, it is not worse, like in Japan, to attack intentionally, using the poison gas Sarin, to create difficulties deliberately, there are enough difficulties in life, even in Japan. On no account I approve those, who perpetrate acts of terrorism, they, as we have said yet, will get their deserts, but we ought to take a broad view of life and not from the standpoint of our egoistical interests. It is, of course, important for you, where you will live, feed on, put on, you would going not for the world to begin your career over again, but all these is not important for your soul, it will fall into oblivion, your soul will remain only, which doesnít gain much because of your perfunctory life. You ought to view the life from the standpoint of the eternity - what can you get of it? If someone holds, that I am not right, then that is why he adheres to the position of importance of outward signs of his personality. If I am not right, then you may also say, that the God is not right too, because this world is the Godís creation, as all is the God. He was created not with the help of us, so we cannot say, that this world is unjustable to us. So, the God is unjustable? People, being pitiful in many respects, attempt to judge the God! It is favor of the God, that the Most High doesnít hear sorry yells of people about what is to be done and what is not to be done, what is good and what is evil. This world is multimeasured, but people observe the limited part of it only. As a matter of fact this world presents the very perfection, everything is indended here for spiritual development, even material well-being compels developed souls to advance, gives chance for creative work. Our world is perfect, imperfect are only p.

Recently I talked with a Krishnait. He said, if he has a million dollars, he would use money for believersí good and arrange a settlement, in which people could practicing without care about anything. They would, of course, work, be occupied with something and above all, they would have the locality for realizing of their plans without any problems. Therefore, it is bad, if you get money at once. If you make money, putting a lot of work into it, gradually, then it would be considered an act of development; there is a time for everything. And if you get money without making any efforts, all of a sudden, then it is just the same as we give the child a grenade. The life should develop synchronously; the consciousness should be ready to gather strength. In fact, is it worth for believers to arrange such paradisial conditions? If it occurs, then most of those, who live in such paradise, wouldnít be capable of self-sacrifice to the Most High, for they did not create such conditions with blood and sweat, being provided with board and lodging, and, if the situation takes a turn for the worse, they would give up their spiritual practicing with the same easy. Actually, the degradation of religions and spiritual doctrines occur in such a way. Religions followers neednít still aspire to the God, they neednít practice, exceeding the bounds of their abilities, they are secured satisfied and comfortable life as it is, they have only to call themselves Chistian or Buddhist priests or monks. All doctrines fall into decay after their founders leave this world. The knowledge is lost, the religion is spread, and the qualification of its followers is reduced. The more followers of a doctrine, the lower their spiritual standard - it is inevitable, because everybody cannot follow a narrow path, people can follow a wide, even, well-trodden road. Consider even if Krishnaits. They say, it is possible to save themselves and find themselves into the heaven, praising the Godís name only; it is the truth, indeed. But how many of them have found full oblivion in the Most High? How many of them are capable of utter self-sacrifice, of opening their hearts to the Most High?

It concerns Christianity too. Most of its followers should be saints, if they follow Christianity impeccably. But how many are they? They are found, of course, in all religions, they are not obligatory to be well known in the whole world, but they are not enough in comparison with the great mass of people, who reckon themselves among believer in words only. So people, seeing lack of spirituality of followers of acting religions, reach for new sects, magic doctrines, other trends, and promising real and prompt results. There is nothing bad in it, even if they are wrong in their choice, they, you see, having fallen into pseudo-prophetsí hands, turn towards the light, towards the Most High, but not towards the devil. Of course, it would be more reliable to be the follower of basic religions, but you canít satisfy everybody and, if soul has to fail anywhere, it would be of benefit to it only - maybe, the soul itself has chosen that test. After all, the Most High is above all religions and laws.

We are still called sect.

People call a sect everything, exceeding the limits of generally accepted rules. We are not a sect. First, we are too few, secondly, we have no religion and philosophy, and we speak about some philosophical trends for the sake of common development. What we are engaged in here - is practical methods of achievement of the divine state, if someone is going to keep within the bounds of a religion, please, with the help of Yoga one may comprehend his religion better and move further. There are even materialists and atheists among us; nevertheless this doesnít prevent them from being masters in meditation and realizing their souls. There is a time for everything - the consciousness will be developed, the spiritual experience will be enriched, views will be changed too. Everyone has his own individuality, his standard of development, so it is not allowed to knock the true into somebodyís head; everyone has his own standard of comprehension, his world - outlook, religion in the end. We do, what we really can - to help with coming nearer to the divine state, realizing it in ourselves, in the world around, becoming stronger in our belief and that does not matter, what religious organizations are practically occupied with commerce, try to increase the quantity of their believers, to entice them from other religions, and, if it is a small sect (it is better not to quarrel with large one), to do away with it, without inquiring into the heart of the matter if only to discover the cause of it. Beyond all these activities we forgot all about, what it has begun with, we forgot principles of the religion, we forgot the God. Some religions have no objection to have a special right to the Most High, perhaps in order to grab money as much as possible, to build beautiful palaces and temples. For all that they use true belief as a cover. It is not bad to build beautiful temples. You know, the whole medieval European art is based on biblical legends and it is much better, than the modern art, developing on brute instincts: pornography, sex, money, and violenceÖ Creative people have to find subject - matters for expression of their talent.

You shouldnít condemn those, who are in ignorance, but you neednít indulge thin in their ignorance as well. You shouldnít thrust your world-outlook on other people; it can meet with resistance to them. It is necessary to force people to fall to thinking of meaning of life, to accustom them to spiritual life, to help taking first steps. That is a real help, which you can give for the world and evolution. In the end, if everybody acts so, then there would be less ignorance on the Earth.

How to come nearer to the God?

This question answers all religions of the world - it is necessary to devote and offer oneís life to the God completely. Unfortunately, religions donít explain, how to do it practically. In fact, if religions explain it, they wouldnít have so many followers. Our life is our thoughts, our plans, emotions, dreams, and the whole consciousness. And all these should be directed to eh God. You must think of the Most High only or apprehend everything as deeds of the Most High, our dreams should be directed to the possessing of the God, to the gladness of the unity with Him; all you doing should be devoted to the Most High as a presentation, you shouldnít find comfort neither in temporal pleasures, not in temporal wishes, nor in temporal relations; the only thing you should be interested0 in is the Most High. Every minute of your life you must give the Most High for the love, devotion and true self-sacrifice as an act charity and self-renunciation. All your deeds should be devoted to the Most High, each inhalation and each exhalation you must devote to the Master of the Universe. In all people and situations around you should see the presence of the Eternity, you shouldnít apprehend anything as hostile or alien. Even in the most extreme situation you should see the smile of Kali, directing you to the necessary road, and tempering your ability of self-renunciation and your belief. The true belief and self-renunciation donít fear any shocks of life, they would only bring the practicing person nearer to the Most High, who is all and everything.

In order to live like that, you neednít be adherent of a religion. There is no religion there. Religions are originated thanks to people, but not the God. Some religions are notable only for difference of interpretation of small passages in Holy Write. Try and remember ďThe Voyage of GulliverĒ. Once he visited the country of Lilliputians, where two peoples, which earlier were united, quarreled with each other just because one of them broke eggs on the point and the other on the opposite side. If one never manages to discover the cause, then he can find it quite easy.

But it is really difficult to devote oneself to the God.

Certainly, it is a complicated task, only a wide gate can offer a light way for sure. Let us remember the church indulgence. It guaranteed in written form an absolution and paradise after death. It is said, that in 12-13th centuries such tickets in paradise were sold right and left. Naturally, people want to get in paradise without doing anything, but it, luckily, is impossible, or else there were hell instead of paradise. Buddhism is of the opinion, that 99% of people get into hell after death, the rest get into animal world and into the world of hungry spirits and only a small part would take on a new life in the peoplesí world or in a more higher world, but it is not real, indeed.

Do you need us like that at all? It is not worth to depend on us, we are family people.

Why, you are still of some benefit to people around. Thanks to you I worked out four stages of practicing, without supreme effort, easy and comfortable, so to say. Ordinary people want just that - to get into paradise and to live well without any effort. Now they have possibility to get into meditation without effort and to develop spiritually, to find powerful energy. I have an acquaintance extrasensor, daos, who studied various techniques, visited all extrasensors to learn their art, but he didnít get any practical results. After five year only he could feel the energy in th right way, later on he showed swift movement and good results. He worked out his own methods and cures cancer during some surgery hours. He has really a powerful energy; he works with Kundalini, using daos techniques, and meditates twenty-four hours a day. Tell me, who would show patience to practice five years without any results? Somebody else would give up this job in two months.

Thus, with the help of you we worked out four stages, two of them you still know, but all stages didnít overcome anybody, except of Victoria. By the way, some words about Victoria: she has examinations in the institute; therefore she is absent at present. Now she meditates on anahata, as always she has powerful energy. If she says, that she possesses a very powerful energy, then you should fall to thinking of it, as she always has powerful energy, the wind doesnít blow from, so she simply says: ďIn general, such a powerful energyĒ. Think about, why are you satisfied with what you have and tell me, that you possess powerful energy. I answer you, that it is not still a powerful energy, it might be more powerful and you return me: ďNo, it is powerfulĒ. I am not going to argue with you and it seems to you, that I agree to it.

There are mentioned five purushas in Upanishads. Purusha means a witness, soul master, ruler. Purusha - prakriti. Prakriti means nature. Here is mentioned the purusha of body, vital purusha, mental purusha, purusha of True (above head) and purusha of bliss. In everyday life the man doesnít realize himself a purusha that is witness, he identifies himself a purusha, he becomes a plaything of the elements. If you merge purusha all together, then you would separate the nature and would be a sole master, a king in your Kingdom. It is release. A vital purusha is a soul (in the fact a soul is a psychical purusha). A mental purusha is in head. Purusha of True - above head. The stages, we have worked out, concern mastering those purushas. These are initiations. The first initiation allows getting into the energy, feeling the soul, learning the meditation, and stopping thoughts. We mastered all these initiations without any difficulties. People master it during two - three motions. The second initiation is an absolute mastering the energy of immobility, with that end in view you should have done what I told you, but nobody completed it however. In the way like that you learn filing the world with the energy of soul and being in that energy just as in the energy of immobility. Everybody mastered it during five minutes, after mastering the immobility. Now you may live, work, speak and be in that energy. Next initiation is merging the mental purusha. It is also not difficult to master, I showed you, how to do it. In this case we have to do with complete separation of consciousness, you feel it as a ďbrickĒ, so sensible it is. You are becoming witness; you distinctly feel your consciousness being released. The last initiation is getting into transcendent consciousness, finding immortal existence, and realizing your eternity. It is somewhat more difficult to do, though you still now constantly feel the endless above your head and get this standard.

When you become purusha, then you start to possess powerful energy, you havenít had earlier to. Your consciousness becomes firm; you come into power over your nature. Of course, it is bad, that nobody among you going to make every effort, but still now you attained success. If I donít ponder over explaining you, what to be done, to feel in order to master meditating, then we wouldnít have these initiations now. In the past only persistent and strong-willed people, possessing internal flair, could master the standard, you are now at, and it would take them much more time, many books describe how to meditate, but it did not yield desired results. You have luck. I have it too.

I wait, when Iíll fly at last.

But what are you going to fly for? Have you anything against powerful energy?

I like it, but it is supposed to fly beyond the clouds.

It is not supposed her. If you accumulate much of energy, your consciousness could not keep it and the energy started to move vertically, you may experience the state of flight, get into unconscious meditation, but when you return, you would not get anything, not remember anything specific, moreover the energy, which helped you to experience giddy flight, has run low, it is not more, and you get nothing for your pains. Ordinary yogis act in the following way: they accumulate energy, go into indescribable ecstasies, after that they come back to their usual consciousness. In Integral Yoga you are in the powerful energy all the time, from time to time a powerful wave of Strength comes over you, this wave brings you in other state of consciousness, in other measurement, but you donít lose your realizing at that time, you donít lose completely the contact with this world and you can go on walking, speaking, if you need it.

And what about astral travels?

As always. If you want, you may learn it, but the spiritual practicing doesnít have it for an object. The same: when you leave astral, you did not change and introduce into the life except of the state of lightness and flight. Sometimes, when come back to my body, I feel powerful vibration, but it passes quickly, my consciousness did not change, I look at it with an ironical smile of disappointment. At the same time, when you begin to meditate, you may realize yourself in your sleep, think like in this world, and even meditate. In fact most of dreams are astral travels, simply people have no contact of sleeping consciousness with awaking one, so they are irresponsible in the sleep, and having waked up, they donít keep it in mind. If you meditate, the boundary between internal and external consciousness becomes obliterated and you start to remember all your dreams, to realize yourself in them. If you wake up while sleeping, look around, look at yourself, make sure, that it is real astral world and your consciousness doesnít differ from ordinary consciousness of awaking man. If you push off from the earth after that, you would fly, or force yourself in order to lose touch with the earth, even if it was simply a dream, you have waked up in, it would turn into astral at once and you would see your town from above. But all these are childish occupations, kindergarten, as Victoria says. You, of course, may use sleeping time for meditating, perfection of your consciousness, then it would be useful.

And how to enter astral?

If forever, it is not worth to hurry, you would have time for it. In general, there are some techniques. Try to use the following one: do relaxation, imagine you lying in front of yourself at a distance of fifty centimeters and try to feel it. When you are in the air, turn over astral body with face downwards, if you have luck, you would enter astral at once. You have to train yourself about two weeks before going to bed during ten minutes. It is better to ask Victoria, she has an acquaintance mystic, an expert in astral travels, who has taught Victoria. It is doubtful, whether Victoria would tell you about it. All these seem to be foolishnesses, there is no spiritual development there. The mystic says, that she has achieved everything, the highest astral, as she expresses, moreover she is busy with black magic. What a highest astral with her inner world? You take an interest in it just because you havenít experienced it. By the way, this interest has completely brought you into external consciousness, actually it is interesting only for him. When you experience it, you would realize, that spiritual energy is much better, so you would not exchange it for a foolish astral.

The external consciousness of people is always come out and it needs external wonders and effects. Any not too clever man can learn flying or juggling, but he will remain narrow-minded man all the same. I, for instance go on foot and somebody drives Mercedes and, what, is he a man of a higher level? It is important only your quantity of energy and your consciousness - that is, what defines your level. No external attributes and wonders indicate your spiritual achievements. Nobody, having achieved release, wouldnít exchange his energy and consciousness for external splendor. The human consciousness is limited to itself, it constantly disperses the energy, is going to cover the the outside world, isolating itself. That is phenomenon of external consciousness, trying to cover the enormous world constantly limiting itself. The inner consciousness, on the contrary, is merged in itself, in its energy, where it finds the unity of all and everything in the Universe, finds its completeness, so it require nothing. All and everything, all phenomena are indivisible in point of fact. Merging in yourself, you find self-sufficient, ability for possessing the whole Universe. Only external ignorant consciousness raises a clamor about everything, it is ignorant and people live in this nightmare. True, they have nothing to compare with, or else they would have changed their life long ago or be bored to death. In reality, it is not true, because they identify theirselves with external consciousness, so its delights and sufferings are their essence, they donít know their soul, spiritual energy, therefore, being marionettes, robots, they finish their poor existence forever they die. Everything born will die. The external being, like body, is born new every time, so it will die. Dad end. Isnít it? What has that to do with us? Should we regret for those soilings, affections, external consciousness, which are proud of their ignorance? Those are peelings, you reject as superfluous, and those opponents of True also bounce back in this way. There remains only kernel, gist, you neednít worry about sweepings.

May we contend, that the death exists?

Of course. Your body will die. Have you doubt about it? Machines will break, houses will go to ruin. All has its start and finish.

But the soul has also appeared once. Has it?

The soul is a particle of immortal spirit. It is believed, that the soul exist eternally. But this question asks your external consciousness; go into your soul and you will get an answer, there are no questions for the soul like that, it is ready to be absorbed in its source just now, it doesnít fear the death.

What are we then engaged in Yoga for, if the soul realized the God all the same?

The answer might be short: ďAsk the God this questionĒ. At first your soul learns the conscious life, later it learns to be a perfect instrument in hands of the God. The Integral Yoga, having achieved perfection, goes over to the Supramental Yoga. Supramental means realizing of absolute truth. All yogas and religions aspire to leave this material world, calling it illusion, all their aspirations are directed at the future, the existence after death, but the Integral Yoga holds, that, because there is the matter there, where all plans of consciousness are veiled, it is necessary to win it, lay bare these plans of consciousness for its showing, worshiping of the matter.

Imagine the Earth before the appearance of the life on it. The matter is a lifeless substance, but all plans of consciousness are secret in it, so at first existed the potential of the appearance of life. Then the vital world sank on the Earth, the world of life, under its pressure the matter began to transform and, after all, appeared the living matter. Later the material life grew, perfected and a mental plan sank on the Earth. Under the pressure of the mental plan firstly appeared the ability and then the incarnation of the life of sense - a human. But there also exists the divine plan of consciousness - the supramental one, which did not present on the Earth till recently. Shri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, his companion in arms, reduced that level into the mental plan, then into the plan of life and later into the matter, on the Earth and now it presents here. The potential of appearance of a supramental man showed up. Thus the evolution is going on, the man is only a transitional creature, the next stage - the God in image of the man. If the Supramental incarnates the matter, the latter would be plastic like energy, the body could be changed as you wish like in thin worlds, it would be worshiped Earth. Of course, at first there will be a few supramental creatures, it will be anew race, then the material transformation could be transmitted through physical contact and those people, who are susceptible, could start their supramental incarnation. But there are a few susceptible people there, they feel powerful energy, but continue concentrating on their vibrations; the supramental vibration, true, is much more stronger, but nevertheless it wouldnít be mass infection. All these Shri Aurobindo did not devise of his own, that Yoga was given him from the Most High. Thus, maybe, still in next life you could see the supramental creature in full.

Most likely, we engage in Yoga in order to realize the divine plan. Maybe, for ourselves too. You wouldnít say, that this Yoga gives you a lot of sufferings.


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