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To burn bridges behind

To achieve the release we must give up all levels of the consciousness, filled with daily troubles, thoughts, desires, actions and strive for the spiritual world, we need. But it doesn't mean, that we must irretrievably give up those levels of consciousness and sooner we must transform it, clear of low daily thoughts, passions, vibrations (all means vibrations of higher or lower level, more or less intensive). If you just now conceive a wish to change your life, then it may be said that you have done the first step on the way of the perfection of your soul. And it is necessary to drive this desire into the perfection for it becomes inevitable, incessant like an open blending wound, urging you on actions and not allowing to stop your tireless efforts for a minute.

* * *

Time out of mind monks aspired to the enlightenment moved off to a cave for some years. I order to prevent the practicing monk the way back, the entrance into the cave was blocked up with a big stone, keeping a little opening only for the access of air and the parcel of the food once a day to support the life in the human body. The opening was so little, that the air entered in minimum quantity and an ordinary man, not engaging in meditational practice, could not survive in such conditions - minimum air, pining with hungry and suffocation, this man would be mad after two months. Knowing, that they would leave the cave not earlier than after three years, even the monks, not very aspiring to release, began to practice with real, achieving prompt results and mystical experiences. A man, desiring to achieve his high object, must burn bridges behind himself, as great practicing persons did, close the door to deep the sole way only - forwards. By these means only you can achieve prompt results and avoid long stoppages on your way. The clearness of purpose and the impossibility of the retreat - on this way only one can keep the longing wish of victory, necessary for success.

…Already more than two months continued maximum individual practice of Murai, but results were achieved in insignificance mystical experiments only, which a man achieves after three days of interrupted studies. Something prejudice the success… Murai became exhausted, but there was no success. Unexpectedly came guru. "Your practice has stopped because of your attachments. Karma, stored before the monkshood, is not exhausted. You must tear internal connections with tempol life".

The pupil confessed to the Teacher. Really. Taking monastic vows, Murai aspired to achieve the highest enlightenment, but he did not endow the Teacher with all his property. There is kept a considerable sum of money in the bank; this sum can support him in the case of failure with the monkshood. It caused the energy connection with the world of desires, which didn't allow devoting oneself to maximum practice in full measure, in all levels of the consciousness. Having repented, the pupil endowed all his savings with the Teacher. After a year Murai achieved the Mahamudra (Great Futility) - the level of sacred arhat in the Buddhism.

These events have happened in the twentieth century, and here is an instance of an inevitable desire from ancient times for you.

Tibetan yogi Milarepa was a wizard - practitioner of black magic before studying sacred practice of the Buddhism, he was the undoing of many people and collected a large black Karma. But he aspired to the true doctrine; therefore he came to great lama Marpa who achieved the highest release. The lama, knowing that it would be his best pupil, as if unwillingly, took Milarepa away.

Many years Marpa forced his pupil to build towers and later to destroy it. The work appeared to be as a real mockery - nine times he threw the soul of Milarepa on the very bottom of the ravine of the despair, losing hope to achieve true doctrine. But thanks to such practice of sufferings all this what created obstacles to the pupil, was no more.

Desire. The longing desire only forced Milarepa to fulfil the backbreaking toil during many years. The toil was really the backbreaking one; it came to situation, when wounds began to fester and muscle separated from bones. But in spite of all this he didn't give up the started work, being sure, that Great Teacher knows what to do.

Desire. Desire and belief. Without belief even the longing desire of Milarepa wouldn't stand such tests at all.


The belief at the level of desires

The belief is that elixir, which supports your aspire even if all around is falling to the ground and it seems, that all hopes are in vain and it will turn out nothing for you. The belief will help out of a dead lock. To believe, to believe and to believe. The belief is a positive, bright and heart-felt feeling. Your task is to find out the belief in all its strength. Later it will be shown how the belief turns into the certainty, universal certainty, not keeping a shadow of doubt.

But what is to do at first? When your desire to take the way of spiritual development became still stronger, you dream of the release and enlightenment, you feel with all your heart and soul, that it is what you live for, you have even set it as an object of your life, but you are not sure, that you are able to achieve something worthwhile.

"Milliards people live on the Earth, but only a few people are true saints, achieved real release - say you to yourself - is it possible, that I, a mere mortal, having read a lot of books, may pretend to the divine consciousness? God for bid, that I would carry out at least a worthwhile mistical experience, but to become an ordinary pawn in the hands of the God or an ordinary saint - isn't it vanity? What do I hope for - I, a simple man?"

Here is just the root of all problems of the words "Fate" and "Karma". Keep in mind - there is nothing to be impossible. Only your certainty in the impossible of anything holds away the release of your dream. It is animal uncertainty, inert consciousness, forced us to go with the accustomed stream of general accepted ideas, what doesn't allow us to overstep the limits of deep-rooted conceptions, fixed ideas - all this is in our consciousness.

Yes, all our possibilities, failures, delights and disappointments, assurance of success and inevitable fate of total bad luck.

All is vibration; karma is also vibration in the profundity of our consciousness. But vibrations can be changed consequently our karma is changed too. Therefore start changing vibration in a positive sense just now, today. All negative vibrations, attracting the uncertainty and failure, must be immediately changed for bright and high ones. All thoughts, taking aside from the object, you have set, must be immediately nipped in the bud, not allowing them to become stronger in your consciousness.

Certainly, to achieving of release you will have to release completely from any strong emotions either positive, or negative, but from the beginning you may use the energy of emotions to change your vibrations in a positive sense. Therefore start to strengthen your Belief at the emotional level. Suggest to yourself with intensive sense of Belief, that you will achieve your object at any price. Repeat it for yourself day by day till you feel that enlightenment, release, service the Most High -it is a real object of your reincarnation.

That is the way it is. The subconsiousness, where the information was brought from birth in, leading away from the True, environment, in which all people around are wallowed in daily occurrence and ignorance, traditional notions of life and its objects - this subconsciousness is to be cleaned. The information, pernicious for your soul, is to be replaced by the information, helping your soul to go into the frontground.

The environment is also to be changed. If you decided to lead spiritual life, then you are to stop collecting pernicious information, containing in mass media and in people around you. Well, all is clear with mass media - not to watch entertaining telecasts, films, not to read entertaining books and newspapers, in which, by the way, vibrations are at the animal level: sex, money, food, amusements - all this information not simply takes your time and energy away, but also lowers your consciousness to the corresponding level, go through the subconsciousness and it is full enough with pernicious information. You may watch information telecasts and read article in newspapers, but you don't need taking a great interest in these problems. And what is to do with people around? Of course, you won't be able to associate and to meet with them, but it's not necessary either to begin with try to speak with them about what you aspire to, though it wouldn't hardly yield positive results for a long time, stop talking about trifles with them, about news, needless for anybody, like: "The neighborly cat has kittened again. You don't say so! I wonder, what color are the kittens?" And so on. You have wasted much time on idle talk in this life as it is without any results, you wouldn't derive benefit from it and you know it well.

In other words: to change the environment, namely: people around, conditions of life - is possible by changing yourself.

The subconsciousness is closely associated with vital world, it is named also the astral world, and it represents a huge ocean of information and life, what you will have to encounter on your course of life. In your subconsciousness are kept a lot of information, images, desires, which will be in your way still for a long time after one would think, that all questions are settled, therefore it is very important not to accumulate new useless information or else you could stop in your spiritual development for a long time.

And you must be sure, that enlightenment and release will come to you without fail. Your certainty will be based on clean, bright, ascending energy, which will fill you and turn your actions and consciousness to the set object. Your certainty or else simply your belief will change your vibrations, vibrations of the world around in a positive sense; the information, accumulated in the subconsciousness and transferred outside, will put set program in action.

And it is not self-deception, though at the beginning you, perhaps, will have to suggest yourself this feeling of belief till it would consolidate there, it is the change of program in the subconsciousness, its turning and acceleration towards the highest object.

But you must take into consideration, that, if after reading first chapters of this book, you fell to thinking, conceive a wish to achieve the highest object or simply become spiritual, then it means, that the program, you need for achieving of the release, has been still set in the depth of your consciousness and there is nothing for it, but to put it in action, removing obstacles as many as possible to realize it.

So, there is nothing for it, but to consolidate and strengthen your desire and belief. For that:

You must be frank to yourself and decide what do you live for. Define the purpose of your life. If you decided to achieve the release and the enlightenment, then precisely define this object. And you must be sure in achieving it.

You must clearly realize that you need full selflessness for achieving such a high object. You will have to offer all you have become very much attached to. You must be sure, that you are able to get rid of all your attachments (and first of all concerning your personality, what you name "I").

Draw up a plan of your life, which will bring you nearer to achieving your object. And begin acting (you may begin without a plan too throwing yourself upon mercy from heaven, but better under favorable conditions of spiritual practice).

You must fall asleep being sure, that you would achieve your object and awake with the yearning for achieving set object.

If you follow these advises, then the information in your subconsciousness would change like it or not. Set yourself as an object to achieve it at any price. Practice every minute, every moment of your life all in your power. Be sure, that the object is still quite near, aspire to set object with all your heart and all will turn out well.

Firstly you will conceive a vitalistic longing, but it is only the means for strengthening of your spiritual aspiration (sincere desire, purposefulness, selflessness are to be at all levels of your consciousness. Later on your heart, then mental and vitalistic essences will be calmed, but the aspiration, the certainty, the selflessness will be kept at these levels, but your practice will be led by the spiritual essence with support of High Worship.


The belief at the level of the soul

The belief, written in the previous chapter, belongs to the vital level and one ought not to assume the belief being based on the desire to possess, on the desire to get a reward. The real, disinterested, clean belief appears when you open your soul, psychical essence. The main thing is to open your soul and put it in the foreground. The consciousness is to be plunged into the energy of the soul, which must take the reins of government upon itself. The importance of this fact can scarcely be exaggerated. The soul is a particle of the God, his deputy in our body. There is no doubt in the soul, it knows everything. Having united with the soul your belief will be based on thee knowledge, coming from the divine source.

Unfortunately, not anyone is able always to keep the soul in the foreground. The period of its government alternates with the influx of the former external consciousness. The speed of your advancing and overcoming the difficulties depends to a large extent because of that. You must know that periods of slump and rising, advancement and hold-ups in your spiritual practice are, as a rule, inevitable, but it shouldn't confuse you. The former consciousness and environment, supporting you in achieving of set object, would give an invaluable help in your advancement. Be sure - the consciousness, with which you have lived all these years, wouldn't surrender for any particular reason, therefore the transformation and conversion to the divine object is an integral part of your sadhana.

The ideal way to change the external consciousness is its direction towards your spiritual object. If the aspiration of your soul and your external life coincide then it may be considered as an ideal case.


The prayer

The prayer is a necessary condition to strengthen of the belief and to put it into the foreground of your soul. Everyone prayers in his own way, but there some advises to follow:

The energy prayer: one ought to prayer intensively and firm of purpose, turning the energy of soul and heart upwards to the Most High. Possibly, you don't believe in the God, don't believe in soul or rather your mind, but do it firms of purpose, turning the torrent of your consciousness from the heart on a mind upwards. Continue keeping this force of consciousness, without weakling it during some minutes. Beg high charity, protection, approaching the moment of release, not weakling the torrent of consciousness upwards. The aspire and might energy, going from the heart will come your consciousness into contact with the Most High and at that time you will recognize, that your prayers have been listened to.

A classic prayer: you would begin slowly and humbly; the words are to pronounce aloud with all your heart. The words itself are to come from the very soul, speak from the heart and the energy of soul would fill you, having come in the energy, the prayer would go on spontaneously.

The prayer helps to strengthen the spirit and to acquire the assurance of success, it brings you nearer the God, and the prayer has not contained personal selfish requests. Prayer humbly, putting your heart and soul to the High Worship.

As an example how to prayer, how to regard your spiritual practice, we cite some prayers and meditations of the companion-interarms of Shri Aurobindo (founder of Integral Yoga, Mirra Alfassa (Mother):

* * *


* * *




The aspiration, as a rule, takes many people to the spiritual way: aspiration to perfection to gathering of strength, to uncertainty and even to power. Many people, purposing their object, at times even mercenary ends, realize their divine destination. The aspiration takes them to the way of spiritual release, helps them to take the first step. But it should be remembered that the aspiration of mind, the vital origin, and simple curiosity wouldn't get over the precipice, divorcing us from the divine source. To get over this precipice we need true spiritual aspiration. But, as a rule, just the soul, being hidden behind the veil of external layers, rouses us to take the first step on our way.

Our soul is separated from its source, the God. If we could go into your soul, merge with our soul, then we would recognize, that the only thing to be done is to aspire to the God, merge with Him, and live in Him. First and for most you have to do is to look for the divine inside of you. The aspiration to find the divine is to be and integral part of your being, you must recognize with your whole being that it is the purpose worthed to live for. Your aspiration is to be constant, continuous, all-embracing. To merge with the most high is to be the sole purpose, you want to achieve.

But most of people live with mind; the intellect is considered the height of the evolution. You need consent of all levels of consciousness. If our restless intellect will constantly meddle in the aspiration, find an excuse for our unwillingness to follow, the spiritual way, and then it may strongly hinder our sadhana. The up-to-date man is used to rely upon his intellect, to give credence to it, and, until we recognize, that the intellect is not able to reason anything in the divine, stop to give credence to it in spiritual objects and will go on to follow its ignorant instructions, we could not move forward. Only our soul is able to take us out of the world of the ignorance, where the God as a mysterious stranger appears in the world of light, love, in the world of freedom and divine joy. Only free-will subordination of the intellect, all its motions towards the most high promote our protection against mental intrusion upon our spiritual life. Of course, the momentary transformation of the intellect is unachievable for most people; therefore we must be ready for periods of recession and rising of mental activity.

Vital impulses and desires are also to be turned to our object. Our organic nature, desires, based on brute delights and passions, our life, based on the desire to possess, to be satisfied in petty existence, may render an invaluable service for forces, attempting to stop our spiritual advancement, aspiration to the divine. We have to transformate our life, our vital being into a life, full of the divine space, silence, immensity of existence, into a being, free from egoistic dependence, useless life, into a being free from blind "I", concentrated on oneself.

The intellect, life, body are to be directed to the divine object. It is not a simple task, but our successful advancement depends on the solution of this task.



For rapid advancement we need comprehensive aspiration, resolution on all levels of consciousness in the achievement of set object. The spiritual aspiration is always present inside of our being, the case is somewhat different concerning intellect and low levels of consciousness, and they are evidently short of the purposefulness, purity of thoughts. The unification of our soul with the resolution of these levels of consciousness will help to overcome all difficulties on this hard way. The resolution of the cleaned intellect, life and body under the leadership of the divine messenger will help us to take the considerable step in our spiritual practice.

But how can we gain the resolution, when the spiritual being is not yet opened and the intellect and life are under the influence of the external world - the world, full of desires and being ignorant of other object except of self-satisfaction?

You still know that the whole information, on which is concentrated, though it is not obligatory, our intellect, is settled in the subconsciousness. The subconsciousness straightly influences on our life: thoughts, speech, and actions. The subconsciousness does not distinguish the constructive though from the destructive one - what we put in it, that we will get back. This is so called the low of karma - the law of cause and effect (this law applies to all levels of consciousness and not only to subconsciousness).

Our subconsciousness straightly influences on our daily consciousness, our actions and through them materializes all our fears and doubts, but equally well it stimulates all our bright dreams and aspirations. Therefore we repeat once again, that you must stop to accumulate the negative information, going into the subconsciousness; all suspicions, vices, taking away from true existence, we have to give up; all thoughts, consciousness we have to turn to the clear aim. The motto is to be not pessimism, but optimism!

Like the wind, carrying the balloon now to the west, now to the east, now souring it up to the heaven, now overturning to the ground, in exactly the same way you, using auto-suggestion, can sour up to the set aim or slide down to the ordinary existence, depending on that, where you will direct the current of your consciousness.

Our actions depend on the subconsciousness, what, in its turn, derives information from the external world, therefore, influencing the subconsciousness in a suitable way, you may change the information inside of it. If you need the aspiration, resolution at the level of the subconsciousness, then you must help the subconsciousness to acquire the resolution. In this case you may use special resolutions. It is necessary to read it aloud. The frequent repetition of the resolution will help you to choose suitable wave. You can create such a resolution of yourself, but it is necessary to take into account, that it would be directed rather to our soul that to our intellect, as - it should be repeated once more - the opening of soul, of mental being is the most important aspect in our practice.

"I have set as an object of my life the highest release, serving the most high. There is no such a high object in the Universe; therefore I shall be persistent in achieving it. I shouldn't leave efforts towards the Most High till my will would merge together with His will, till my essence would spread about His consciousness, till my life at all its levels would be completely in His power.

Thoughts, emotions, desire, even if they would remain; they would be directed only to achieving this object.

Every deep breath and exhalation I shall direct to achieving my object, every moment of my life I shall proceed along the set object.

I take into account that only the concentration on set object every minute of one's existence can rapidly draw nearer my cherished dream. That's why I shouldn't stop constant effort till my great aim would be achieved".

Repeat this resolution some times in succession every day, being absolutely sure that it would influence your speech, thoughts, actions and aspirations.


The subconsciousness

Let us dwell at length on the subconsciousness. The subconsciousness involves overwhelming part of information; we have accumulated during our life, and former lives innate and gained information. Maybe you remember innate and gained reflexes in the biology.

The reflexes present a return reaction of the organism, intellect, and vital plans to the influence from without. For example, when you hear your name, you instantly react to, or when you run the danger, you are gripped by fear, agitated or feel other emotions, making you to act, what protects you from danger.

Both gained and innate reflexes, being fetters and holding us away from the release, can be changed with the help of the autosuggestion. In integral yoga, as such, the autosuggestion is not used, in this case one resorts to the help of divine Shakti and the release one's true essence from layers, accumulated in the course of the evolution, and still later with the help of transformation of these layers into divine instruments. Nut until you achieve substantial results of this yoga, you may use the auto-suggestion to change the lowest motions of the consciousness into the highest ones or holding away from motions, directed downwards.


The secret meaning of commandments

All is vibrations, therefore it is very important to tune all levels of consciousness, all your instruments in unison with your aim.

It is necessary to stop the loss of the energy and clean levels of the consciousness from vibrations, not corresponding your spiritual aim. In such case religions use commandments, yoga - yami and niyami - what is to be done and what is not to be done. But, only blind, perfunctory observance of commandments will lead to nothing that's why let us consider the sense of some of commandments:

No murdering - the murder of any being inevitably lowers the energy of the murderer to low levels of consciousness, moreover the murder is accompanied by the anger, hatred, in cold blood - these are energies of low level.

Possibly, some of you have come across the murder of animals or people. When it happens, especially first time you feel a very strong stress, you sink under the descending energy; your legs start to shade. It happens not only in the time of immediate murder, but also in the time of the burial, death of a dear man or animal. In order to stop the lowering of consciousness to lower levels and the loss of the vitality, it is necessary to stop any violence, anger, spite, and hatred.

If a man doesn't accomplish murders, is fond of all vital beings, and then his soul becomes calm, tender and loving. Similar things pull up the same things and, if a man treats kindly people around him, then there is formed the space of love around him, also consisting of overt, frank people. Living in peace and harmony with the world around, one may be happy indeed.

On the contrary, if a man harbors a grudge against people around him, uses violence against vital beings, then his soul cannot be in peace. People around him are embittered like he himself. Naturally, the life like that cannot be calm and happy.

No stealing - the theft is accompanied by the sense of avidity, what binds us to material things. The greedy of gain, food, comfort, affection towards a man, accompanied by the sense of jealousy. All this binds us to the material world, takes much energy away. A man, possessing excessive avidity, is unable to advace spiritually; and the energy, owing to the avidity, is like the fever in the heart and in the stomach. You may illustrate consequences of the stealing, moneygrubbing, and jealousy by your personal example. There is such an expression "golden fever"; there can be no doubt, that you have encountered it, when it was your fortune to get a lot of money or to buy something for a song. Possibly, you remember your heart melted with joy. If it continuos for a long time, then it may lead to the stomach upset, to cardio-vascular diseases.

People, being used to steal, to take bribes, to plunder another's property, are constantly strained for fear of consequences. Their life is accompanied by fear of loss of their property, financial position, and power. They steal because of their avidity, and the more a man gains material welfare, the more strongly his avidity. A man can even fairly make his money, but the more he saves up his money, the more strongly the fear of loss of it. Living under constant fear and tension, one cannot find spiritual purity and happiness.

On the contrary, if a man of good soul is not concentrated on his money, property, but he helps the indigents and in case of need is capable to give up all his servings, then his soul is free from fetters of material world, he needs nothing to be happy except of spiritual world and his nearest and dearest.


No adultering - the sex is bound up with svadistana chakra - it is the second from the bottom energy center. During sex is lost a lot of vital energy. Moreover the sex causes strong affection for lowest levels of pleasure, what would stop spiritual practice for a long time.

Even if he, one would think, has achieved a stable level, the sex would bring to nothing all his successes. If you really aspire to the universal perfection, then you have to stop being on terms of sex with somebody not only in reality, but also in consciousness: excitement, images, ideas, desires.

If one of the married couple is unfaithful to other one, then their spiritual connection would be interrupted and they could not trust each other any more. And hiding his faithlessness, one involuntarily is forced to tell lies, to dodge constantly and to live a double life. It is clear, that to find spittle peace seems to be impossible in such a situation. But living in love and mutual understanding a loving married couple has nothing to hide, a man and a woman can be in harmony with their internal world and be happy in their family life.

No drinking - as usual people drink in order to take the stress away, to feel slack, to seek oblivion, to have a rest… Any stupefied matters like alcohol, drugs and so on, cause strong splash of vital and mental energy, what would lead to excitement, ecstasy, pacification of aggression. During splashing of energy you feel burst of energy, certainty, pleasing sensations. But you are unable to control your consciousness; you drift on the waves of the energy, where it will take your consciousness to, there will you drift as well. Consequences of such energy splashes are weakness, physical exhaustion, headache and other pains. Moreover, all these actions weaken the will, you seek oblivion, try to get rid of a great deal of problems without solution them; finally you will encounter full dependence on these preperations, destruction of energy supply sources and acquisition of collection of illnesses.

If a man drinks, then his family life will destroy, the nearest and dearest turn aside from him, stop to respect him. Being constantly in intoxication, a man is unable to distinguish how things now stand from his internal illusions. He prefer the only pleasure in life - drinking, his internal world comes to the problem of taking a drink “the morning-after” in order to get tight again. Little by little a drunkard loses friends, work, family, money and turns into a being, devoided a human appearance.

No lying - a man, who has to lie or hide the truth, is in constant strain, if this lie touches his conscience. Hence nor vous disorders, weakness of will-power (as a man hides the truth because of the dread of consequences, then the will id inevitably weakened). But even if a man lies, so to speak, with a clear conscience, then all the same, if the truth comes to light - consequences of lying become apparent as quarrels, various troubles, and psychical problems. For sure everyone will agree, that if there is nothing to hide, and all the more not to lie intentionally, then peace and calm will reign in the internal world.

A man, living in lying, cannot feel himself free, he is alike a thief, who fears the punishment. People around him cannot trust such a man, respect him. He lives in constant discomfort and loses respect for him.

No twaddling - it means talking about nothing, idle gossips. You seem to know situations, when you meet an acquaintance and start to exchange news, gossips; when this topic is settled, you may change the subject. Well, have they to keep silence? They need to speak about something. But do they need? And whom does it need? Perhaps your intellect, external consciousness, being ready constantly to throw itselves out, chaotic motion or movement in a circle.

Idle talking throws you out, take the energy away, lead to the ignorance and bring the consciousness on lower levels.

If you look at people, who constantly drivel and gossip, then should one say, that people around them trust and respect talkers? As a rule, people, talking much, do little. Nobody would have anything to do or seriously speak with a man, speaking at random, constantly throwing himself out, a man makes his inner world poor, his energy potential is reduced, and the will is weakened.

On the contrary, if you talk less and do more, then you will be treated with respect, you will be confided in, you could enrich your inner world and you would gain self-respect.

It is not a full list of commandments. It is important not the quantity of commandments and quality of their accomplishment, but inner position of a man, aspiring to the spirituality. Shri Aurobindo spoke about the completed position of Sadhaka, that is about the uninteresting in external things, spiritual purposefulness, realizing of deep sense of phenomena.

* * *

Next chapter is appealed to your soul. Read it through carefully, cursory reading is not appropriate here. Be imbued with every word, every phrase. Feel deeply the sense of what was said. Pause, concentrate on the sense of what said, re-read some times. Having read one or two times a passage, pause, come in the energy, involve in these words, and meditate on the sense of what was read. After that go over to next passage.



The completed position of Sadhaka

Mono means one. Monada is a soul divine one. A monk is a man, aspiring to unite his soul with the God.

People take up the position, that monks are either hermits or those, who have left the temporal life and lives in a cloister. Outwardly, maybe, so it is, but inside… one may live in a cloister and remains as a simple man, indulging in his passions.

A monk means one. The monk has no friends and no enemies. There is only “I” and the Most High. Who can you experience the attachment and the love to? Who can offend you or become your enemy?

All is the God. There are you and the Most High in the universe, everything around you: friends, enemies, riches or poverty are display of the Most High, united in all His diversity.

All is the God. All people around you are only your opponents in the divine play.

The Most High. Only the Most High. There is nothing except of Him.

All life, all Universes are divine play. He is a play. He is regulation of the play. He is a player. He is a rival. He is a playing field. He is a referee. All is He.

* * *

So, let us become monks - people, aspiring to unite our souls with the God.

Perhaps, you have a family; perhaps you are at the head of an organization and take upon yourself the responsibility for your work, for your subordinates. It does not matter. You may remain a family man or a leader, a housewife or a worker, but inside… Be a monk inside, a monk in true sense of the word. Realize every moment of your existence, of His presence.

The Most High and I. All the rest is of no importance. Be imbued with this sense! All your deeds, all your life, all your Sadhana are ruled of Him. So devote all your deeds, all your life, all your Sadhana to Him.


* * *

Life. The life is too short… you needn’t scatter it into the little nothings, entertainments, pleasures… what leave only weakness and spiritual bankruptcy behind…

One life more… How many were they before? How many will they be later?

A whole eternity is behind… Shall I really live also this life for nothing?

How long have I lived in this life? But it flew by as the twinkling of an eye. How much time is remained? Before I can say “knife” my life would be over. Merry-making, outings, friends and female friends, routine of daily occurrence… I have constantly something to do. But where, where I move?

The time passes rapid and imperceptibly, but sometimes it crawls too long, you wait till it will come to an end. And nevertheless… what I shall come to? The death. A new birth, one life more… and everything goes to pot again. There is no end to it. Yes, it is a journey does not lead anywhere, but will it ever come to an end?

No! That will do! I have to stop. How many years are behind of me? Now I know what to do! Aim. An eternal aim. An aim not to be dead. I have heard the Call of the Eternity! And I shall follow it! There is not a moment to lose. Straight today I devote my life to the Most High. First of all I have to change my treatment of the life and people around me.


Thanks to higher mercy I met spiritual practice.

Thanks to higher mercy the higher leads me to the way of truth.

The mercy from heaven showed me the way,

And I shall follow this way,

For when such an opportunity offers.

For yourself a sculls around you,

Wandering under cover of ignorance

To give spiritual freedom and show higher way,

To listen to the true and turn the current of consciousness to higher aim -

What can be better in the world?

The love and hatred, strong emotions

And apathy to the world around,

Delights and sufferings -

All this takes me away from true way:

What to live on, what to remain with?

The choice is left to me.

To shun strong temporal feelings,

Bad desires and thoughts.

To stop the soul’s motions, going out.

To gather all forces and energy of soul,

To turn to only aim.

To take the soul out to the foreground

And to entrust the guidance of life to it.

The life is only moment in life of universe.

And choice is left for us - to lose these moments further

Or turn these moments into the universe.

Affection towards friends and darlings is not forever too,

The parting is inevitably.

You are useful as means not more,

To be charmed by them, to be slave for them -

Is not worthy of spiritual seeker.

The body is also to be left - it is a cover only.

And so you have to give the moment of life up,

Having turned it into eternity -

An aim to be proud of.

To give nasty friends up, the mixing with whom

Leads to strengthening of affection,

Spite of heart and error.

To give nasty friends up, who prevent from

Listening to Doctrine of True,

From thinking of it and from going into contemplation -

The practice of Soul, aspiring to Wisdom.

To give nasty friends up,

Who yield to sexual temptations,

Subjecting to harm and vices and losing energy,

Who have not divine compassion -

The condition of achievement of spiritual peace.

Whom, delivering from shortcomings,

If became him attached.

Whom, strengthening dignities and wisdom

Pouring the Higher Light out -

That is the Teacher of people and gods.

The Most High Himself

To be considered more important than

The life of a man.

Though I was filled with Peace and Freedom,

Though divine faculties became apparent,

It is still far from being perfect.

To listen to the High Will,

Without making personal ideas and aims in,

To dissolve utterly in the Most High and be His perfect bearer - an aim to achieve.

The life, full of sufferings, strong wishes

And hopes not come true,

The life in luxury and material well-being -

Nothing should take me away from set way.

So you should refuse conditions of life

And try to deceive your life -

Right view and position of the bearer.

A true bearer recognizes Unity.

All people around me are the same emanations of God.

It is sad, that they don’t recognize it.

So all sculls may be named United.

When I achieve spiritual perfection,

What good will it do,

If souls around me have to suffer?

To point the way and help to follow it - isn’t it the best help?

Troubles and sufferings we create ourselves,

Aspiring to our own happiness,

But absolute instrument in hands of God

Is born from giving ourselves up to the High Will.

That is why the spiritual bearer should to exchange small happiness for ecumenical Delight of the Most High


Life, full of sufferings, and mourning around,

Sorrow because of death and grief because of troubles -

So live people, not seeing the essence of phenomena.

That is why when encountering failure, death and suffering

You should see show of the Higher Will

And recognize, that the God gives us a chance

to perfect ourselves through it,

And gratefully offer prayers.

One, aspiring to release, has to get rid of all,

To sacrifice himself and body

The love for riches, body and oneself would

prevent from going into spiritual world,

Therefore to live for Higher Aim and not to value

Material well-being - is practice of

spiritual bearer.


It’s necessary to stop the lost of energy.

Only after that one can turn others to

the true way.

And if you want to help people around you

and save them from sufferings,

Then stop to sin and get rid of vices

in yourself -

is the first term.

And if you aspire to spirituality for the

sake of material welfare,

Then verify the aim, you aspire to,

What do you look at?

What have you for an object?

So get rid of affection for riches

And aspire to your aim with all your

heart and soul.

On meeting charming object

of sexual desires,

You should recognize that love of

people is explained by selfishness

and by desire of possessing.

That’s why to discern divine essence

Under the guise of beauty and external splendor -

That is just the true view.

All, living in the World of Passions,

are seized external things -

food, sex, money, power…

So, constantly concentrating on it,

one begins to enjoy it still more

To give up what strengthens affection and arouses desire,

Holding set aim away, - that is just practice

of a spiritual bearer.

But if you are far from complete perfection,

Then you can gain wisdom with the help of

purity of your soul.

Be sincere before yourself and, taking

a false step on the way,

Make out, where is a mistake.

Give completely yourself up to the Way,

And devote yourself entirely to it.

Even if you have taken the spiritual Way,

Even if you have made first successes,

It is still far to the perfection.

So to point out mistakes of other probationers,

To accuse them of ignorance - is spiritual degradation.

To help, not to condemn - is position of the bearer.

Envy, wish of possession, pretensions, rudeness -

All this is unworthy of spiritual probationer.

To fall for lower emotions and desires is inadmissible -

Is a sign of absence of inner life.

So, even if you feel unwell, don’t yield to influence from without,

Be firm inside of you.

Desires of Delights of World, showing

at the beginning of the Way,

Would ease without your support.

To pay attention to them and to indulge in them

Leads to worsening of situation only.

Desires would weaken and die away

without cultivating them

So you have to overcome them as soon as they appeared -

Is practice of a spiritual probationer.

To contemplate the inner life, noticing any changes and deviations,

To recognize emotional state in all your words and deeds,

To unit all energies of soul and to turn them to one channel,

Not to lose the energy and to stop any loss -

Those are conditions to achieve the release.


The Deep World and the Silence will open a new Universe,

The Universe of Peace, Endlessness and Eternity,

All will change outside and inside, all doubts will disappear,

There will be nothing but the Promise from Heaven,

No traces of desires and troubles.


The love

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, having achieved the release. She was a learner of a saint, having achieved higher enlightenment. The girl lived at the end of a village in own house. The clock round she spent in meditations, not paying attention to temporal life around her with its delights and fascinations.

Her name was Beauty and a crowd of fiancés seek in marriage her. From time to time she appeared in the village and went to the market to buy food. Young people from all neighborhoods gathered around her, but she did not pay attention to anybody. It was rumored in the village round her, somebody condemned her because of noncompliance, somebody insisted, that female nature wouldn’t bear and she would marry in the end. Nevertheless, many fiancés hadn’t the patience and married other girls, never achieved consent of Beauty. But there was a fellow, who sincerely loved that girl. He was refused from her many times, but he went on to take care of Beauty all the same.

Years passed, all fiancés settled down to married life, there remained the only fiancé, who really loved the girl. For some time past he had a pinched face and was completely addicted to Beauty. Yes, his love did not ease in time, but, on the contrary, it became stronger.

When he came next time to seek her hand in marriage, she, seeing his sorry sight, gave her consent unexpectedly for everyone. But she made a term: the young man couldn’t see her during a month; he had to meditate for recognizing his essence. Inspired with good luck, the young man started the meditation.

All people in the village were in raptures, looking forward to the unprecedented sight - Beauty playing a wife. Many people made bets, foretelling the outcome of that matrimony.

Meanwhile the girl started to gather all her excreta and excrement in large pot; moreover she meditated every day and took treatment, making her body old. After a month the pot with excreta was almost full, her face became wrinkled; she covered her hair with ashes and stuffed her mouth with stinking mixture.

The fiancé came up to home of Beauty and knocked at the door. An old woman opened the door, she gave foul smell out. At first the fellow was taken aback, supposing that he mixed the house up, but having made sure, that it was the house, he needed, he asked to call Beauty.

- What, what have you said? I am hard of hearing, - the old woman asked to repeat.

- Call Beauty, please, I am her fiancé.

Only then the fellow recognized his love in that old woman. Everything went dark before his eyes; he became flabby and fell into earth away.

The girl brought him to his senses. The young man rose and asked with tears in eyes:

How leaves are fallen from trees and turned into dust,

How mountains are went to ruin in due course and turned into sand

The body of a man also will die and decompose,

Turning into a fetid slush.

The spirit is immortal only.

All was clear for the young man. He repented and asked the girl to be her learner.


All people wish good luck. For themselves… Sometimes for others. Love is the purest and strongest feeling, one can experience in the life. The God is love… But is there difference between the divine love and the love of simple people? In spite of that many people experienced incredibly strong feelings, overflowed them, the difference is enormous.

The love for the contrary sex is always accompanied by selfish feelings: desire for possessing, jealousy, and affection. The love is pure by itself, but by nature people reduce it to low, bestial instincts. Most people even don’t know as a matter of fact, what a real love means. They experienced only a likeness of this feeling and catched at it.

Just the same about motherly feelings. Mother says that she loves her son and wishes him well, but son has his own ideas about life, plans and aspirations. Mother, seeing discrepancy of son’s deeds with her ideas about how to live, starts to worry and fall ill. Is it love? Someone will answer in the affirmative, you know, mother wishes her son well. It is used to name love among people. But the love is pure by itself. One cannot fall ill with love. But we know that some people fall ill with love. Do they fall ill with love?

The medley of love, greediness, affection, selfishness people name the love. And one can fall ill just with that medley, which doesn’t leave any trace of true feeling, and gain nervous disorder.

That is a love, indeed:

“We were sitting side by side and touched hands with each other. A surge of feelings rose in my soul, which soon overfilled me and started to fill in the space around. The vibration of energy of love, cloaking us in, started to strengthen. I embraced my sweetheart and pressed myself stronger to her. An enormous wave of energy swept my consciousness. My head began pleasantly to swim, and I started to spread about energy, cloaking us. The dense vibration was everywhere; any touch with my sweetheart strengthened it only. We began to leave the will, as we were ruled by energy, coming out into the open. When we went into the street, we had to come to ourselves about ten minutes because of energy, creped over us.

I asked my girl-friend, if she had felt the same, and she confirmed it”.

“We haven’t seen each other some days and became bored. And now we are lying on the sofa, embraced each other. Suddenly I began to be expanded and felt, that my girl friend was expanded too. We merged all together. But our bodies were apart. I felt longing to merge into a body. I pressed her to myself and was about to become she and she becomes me, I’d like nothing better than our bodies become a common body. I pressed her more stronger and felt, that I was merging together with my body, with all my energy, with all my consciousness.

My sweetheart confirmed, that she had felt the same since I described her my emotional experiences. She also said, that she conceives a wish to merge with me in a common body during last two weeks”.

These two descriptions belong to the same man there is another state of love, which he experienced later during discovery of heart energy center:

“One probationer asked me to ring round believers, according to the list instead of him, inviting them to a seminar. I agreed, though I haven’t experience of ringing round.

There were a lot of people in the list. I started to ring round; marking results of calls opposite numbers of phone. Many of people didn’t still consider themselves believers, so they refused the invitation and some of them were rude and asked not trouble them more. Others, even considering themselves our believers, insulted, pleading time shortage and other reasons. I explained them benefit of Yoga-training, tried to speak about sense of life with them, out, as a rule, but it was not effective. Not many, true, were glad, that they were phoned and even thanked for the mention. Little by little my enthusiasm diminished, and it seemed, that I prevented people from working, disturbed them and, generally, they don’t want to be phoned. I continued phoning more and more unwillingly, because I recognized, that I was not right and pressed people, while they want to decide themselves. With every next refuse and request not to phone more, I felt myself guilty. It was something wrong there. I remembered, that our spiritual preceptor said, that when you are speaking with people about the True, you have to meditate in your heart on divine love and also recognize, that present and future lives depend on the fact, if a man would hear the True or not.

And I started to meditate. Before every telephone call I tried to be in the mood for love and constantly kept in that feeling, talking with people. People continued to insult me, trying to finish the conversation as soon as possible, but I meditated on divine love and put that feeling into my words. I began to recognize, that their future life would depend on me, if they would take the read of spiritual development or they would continue to live in the ignorance forever and ever. The feeling of fault was over and love began to fill me. That feeling strengthened with every word, filled with love. Anahata chakra began to vibrate stronger, gradually filling with love.

Suddenly my heart filled with energy of love and it poured out. A big lotus in the shape of a funnel came out of my breast and began to pour out, filling the whole room. O continued to call during some time more, then went into a hall for practicising. I sat down on a chair in front of the entrance into the hall. My thoughts stopped, all around me was filled with the lotus, coming from my heart. O was completely absorbed in love feeling. I have stopped meditating still for a long time, being plunged in spontaneous love, distorbing of nothing. People went past me, some of them I haven’t like before, but at that time it was of no matter, the love descended all people around me. To that time I had no other feeling at all. I was dissolved in the love, I became the love.

That unusual feeling continued about forty minutes all in all, and then it began gradually to weaken.

The divine love, I described above, was the strongest feeling, I gave ever experienced. The love, experienced when releasing anahata, was tens times as strong the love, I have ever experienced. Moreover that condition was kept much longer”.

The love. The divine love. The love in itself, coming from the heart. The heart, anahata chakra - is the place of a psychic being or true soul. Without releasing of anahata and soul the spiritual practicizing should go the beaten track, either getting striking results, or coming back to the beginning, altermating giddy mystical successes with so giddy spiritual failures. Having released anahata chakra, the soul comes out. The task of the probationer - to take the soul out into the foreground, to give it the leadership of life.

The soul is a divine spark, a divine particle. You may trust it like the God himself, as it is divine by nature.

Ordinary people don’t experience the unity of their lives with the soul. But, maybe, it happens to many people, when the soul comes out for a moment, but other strata of the consciousness, ruling over the human nature, don’t allow to become stronger the divine representative, asserting its positions and rights.

Many people carry out incredibly complicated spiritual practices and made great progress in their sadhana. At present the criterions of spiritual disciplines are, as a rule, mystical forces and abilities. Astral journeys, clairvoyance, telepathy, healing abilities became a necessary attribute of spiritual practices. Yoga school propagate maximum of healthy way of life, purity of thoughts, spirituality and give an opportunity to develop mystical abilities. But is all this the highest aim of spiritual practice?

Really, mystical abilities are indispensable conditions, landmarks on the road of spiritual development in plenty of esoteric doctrines. They are also present in Integral Yoga and in Yoga of divine consciousness. Yoga is the Road to the God; therefore the acquisition of divine abilities on this Road is naturally. But mystical abilities cannot be aim of true Yoga.

The aim of our Yoga - change of consciousness, total, final change of consciousness from human consciousness into divine one. It is not simply rising of consciousness on a higher spiritual level, but delivery of one’s whole being, to all levels of one’s consciousness into hands of the Most High. There are meditative practices for this purpose, but it is not the essence of the method. The essence of changing of consciousness is total, comprehensive devoting oneself, dissolving of one’s essence in divine source, substitution of one’s will for the will of the Most High, sincere self-sacrifice to the Most High.

One may think, that Yoga is free-will self-destruction. It is not the case. The soul is a divine particle, and, turning out the soul in the foreground, we come back to our source only.

The unity with one’s source, with reason of all reasons - that is Yoga indeed.


Yoga and its aims

With the right method of approach both the life itself, and the life in Yoga are consciously or unconsciously Yoga, so far as we mean this term putting effort into a system, directed to the self-perfection by means of using of potential means, hidden in a man, and the unity of human individuality with universal and transcendent existence, expressed in the man and Universe to a certain extent. But the whole life, if we digress from its external show, is boundless Yoga of Nature, trying to comprehend its perfection in ever-increasing show its possibility, aspiring to unit with its own divine reality.

The transformation of our perfunctory, narrow and scappy human way of thinking, sight, sensation and being into a deep and broad spiritual transformation of our whole ordinary human way of life into the divine way of life - all this should be the main aim of our Yoga. Means of achievement of this highest aim is the self-devotion of whole our nature to the Divine. All inside of us should be given the God, universal All-Embracing and the transcendent Most High. Total concentration of our will, heart and thinking on the God in His unity and diversity, the whole-hearted self-devotion of whole our being to His only - that is a dicisive action, turning-point of ego to What, that is infinitely bigger than it, his self-renunciation and subordination without exception.

The aim of our aspiration to the perfection should consist of making spiritual and superwise action not more a wonder, even not an ordinary or permanent wonder, or only a radiant interference of a force, more great than our nature, but ordinary for a creature or quite natural condition and the rule of whole its show.

Just God realization, God expression form the aim of our Yoga and all the more its dynamic aspect; this divine self-expression of Ishvara in us, but with due regard for human nature and through its deification.

Shri Aurobindo “Synthesis of Yoga”


* * *

The permanent and unremitting aspiration to the Higher Aim with our whole creature would bring us nearer to our dream. The sincere, openhearted self-devotion to the Higher True would grant the Mercy from Heaven, which predetermines leading us to divine footsteps.

To appeal for the Mercy and to be openhearted with it, keeping one’s creature in permanent readiness to take it, in order to avoid condescending of the Higher Mercy, while we wouldn’t wait for it with doors being closed.

The Divine Love, the Divine Mercy are always near us and only our disbelief and unrediness to take the light of the True, detach us from the divine source, constantly ready to fill us.

Our task is to destroy the partition, overshadowing the Higher Light, to her rid of the ignorance, separating the True, to do away with the lie and to clean the vessel for taking the Divine Will.

Let us not confuse obstacles and fight on our way. The Touch of the Higher Mercy would justify all our sufferings. Who even once plumages in the Realm of the Most High, would endow with all good things of the world in order to find it again.

The World of Light is in store and as a permit would serve a creature, free from the filth of ignorance, suffering and lie. To give up all vile and vicious motives, opening at most in front of the Higher Force, tirelessly listening to the Divine Will.

We are to endow with our whole creature, id our aim is the Great Unity. To endow thoughts, desires and affections, to endow the body. The sacrifice should be total and permanent, there shouldn’t admit even the thought of receiving anything in return for, when we get a result and how would look our realization, to say nothing of personal pretensions and plans.

The complete unconditional surrender is the term of descending of the Higher World. The Higher Mercy is always present, but even a small part of our creature, aspiring to its own aim, rejects the Leadership from Heaven.

If we say “yes”, then “no”, constantly hesitate, if we say “yes”, but at heart keep the securing and “no”, then it is useless to rely on the Higher Mercy, as we ourselves reject it.

Sincere, complete self-sacrifice, endowing all one’s creature, in the presence of universal renunciation of lowest feelings, of personal interest, all this is pledge of success of our sadhana.


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