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It is considered, that opening one’s heart is the simplest practicing. In different religions the heart is said to be the location of immortal soul, divine spark. In Bhagavat Gita Krishna says, that the Most High is in heart of every being as paramatma - a particle of the God. In Christianity they say, that penance clears the soul, opens the heart, Christian saints say, that it is necessary to take Christ to your heart, not to seek to your own perfection and glorifying, but take the God to your heart, utterly entrust your life to Him, then you find the perfection of Christ automatically.

There are three centers in Daoism, generating energy, three stoves or boilers, they are: secret chakra below omphalos, solar plexus and anahata chakra. When anahata chakra becomes more active, the inside area from solar plexus till throat is filled with warm energy, this energy is spreaded on the whole body, surrounding region but the center of this energy is in that chakra. In order to go into meditation, you need energy; opening anahata is, to begin with, the most acceptable method, because it is not allowed to use this energy harmful to you or people around, even if you give up meditating, your soul will get more easy way out and start to influence your outwards life. But again, not everybody can do it without initiation, however you can attempt to. Allot twenty minutes a day for meditating, better in evening. Begin meditating with concentration in the region of chest from the right teat to the left one; try to feel this region (warm, vibration, numbness…). Concentrate about five minutes, and then start to meditate on holy compassion, concentrating on anahata and trying to increase your sensations. Imagine people you know: those you like and those, you don’t like, one by one, without making distinction between near and little know people, compassionate in your heart, increasing energy in anahata chakra. When you imagine all people you know, start to imagine the Earth with millions people, living on it, who reincarnate from life to life, are glad, suffer, being born and die, not knowing about the True, creating castles in the air, which are destroyed after death of people take compassion on their souls, which are buried under strata of outwards personalities. Meditate so about eight minutes. After that, going on to imagine, meditate on holy love, trying to open your heart, give vent the holy love to all people, the whole Earth, direct this feeling from anahata outwards. When you go along the street, concentrate on anahata chakra, meditate on holy compassion or holy love, give vent the energy of soul to all surrounding people, be this love, this compassion, live for this energy, not involving your intellect and your fixed ideas. If you meditate like that, your anahata chakra will open in a week without fail, but keep in mind, that to achieve your object you have to meditate not with the help of your intellect, but you have to feel the energy in spiritual heart. Try to provoke strong energy in your body.



1Initiation. Going into energy and meditation, stopping consciousness, opening heart.

2 Initiation. Merging the immobility, finding immeasurable energy, cosmic consciousness, merging vital purusha and soul.

3 Initiation. Merging mental purusha, finding independent existence.

4 Initiation. Merging purusha of True, finding transcendental consciousness, immortality and eternity.

These initiations were worked out on courses in meditation during practical work. The practical mastering of those initiations without competent direction will be not so effective, as it is necessary for many people to be visual demonstrated and explained many times, some people need individual methods.

On our courses many people did not need any explanations, they felt all thanks to the energy, spreaded in the room but worked out methods are so simple to be mastered, that you can master it without energy support. Every next initiation ensues from the previous one, because the foundations are laid down in the first initiation. The mastering of each initiation takes from a weak to a month. This system was worked out calculating on the perfection of the man, not leaving deficiencies in his consciousness and energy, the perfection goes off gradually and safely, without any unfavorable consequences, but you must not go over to the next step until the previous one have been mastered utterly.

After mastering the second initiation the man begins to possess unlimited quantity of energy, he lives in the ocean of Universe energy and, if he wants, he can learn ruling it (you can be convinced on the example of Victoria). You create original heaven, it seems hear tender astral music, coming from above, the time is stopped for you, you can take pleasure in the eternity in every instant, but it is the beginning only.

The third initiation was worked out on the base of magic actions from the secret doctrine, these magic actions helped me to mentalize the knowledge, I acquired during meditating still seven years ago. I got it in the following way:

Approximately a week after Victoria has come, acquainted boys phoned me and said, that they had a videocassette and they were going to see it with me in order to know my opinion. A day later they came to see me and told me their story. Dennis and Volodya (daos) visited an acquainted yogi, conducting courses in Yoga in different directions, including astral karate.

I suppose, that Volodya has teached him astral karate, he is a authority in this field, when studies were over and people went away (the studies were conducted in the building of a secondary school, it was impossible to understand where four men in black appeared from, they came up to the teacher in Yoga, who became flabby, imperceptible and quiet. Dennis and Volodya were aside at that time, observing, what was going on, then they came up to them, who turned their backs, intending to go away. Volodya hailed them in a free and easy manner, overtook them, they came to a stop. Volodya began to question them to know, what were they, where came they from, what were they occupied with. The boys kept silence. They were the same height, with deep placed eyes, one could feel a strong energy in their look - as Dennis said, it seemed, that one could fall into a trance for that look only; when you look at them, you feel, that you are inveigled. The one of them drew out his palm and scanned Volodya, after that he motioned to his companions. Another boy said: “We are engaged in an ancient secret teaching, known for twenty centuries (later we made clear, that the teaching is more ancient, originated in civilization of Atlantes), this is a closed teaching, we don’t accept anybody for our society”. The voice, thy spoke in, was equal and calm, as if it was spoken not by them. It was found, that they are engaged in that teaching only, they did not work; all, they need, appears by itself. They also narrated, that it is possible to change one’s aspect with the help of this teaching, to move with the help of teleportation, when their existing in this world comes to an end, they simply disappear in this physical body.

They explained too, that in means a way of warrior, not being in straitened circumstances. Volodya arranged about meeting them. Later boys made inquiries the Yoga-teacher about them. He said, that those people started to visit him after he had opened school of astral karate, because they themselves possessed that proficiency and was going to look at it.

Meanwhile Dennis met Volodya and it turned out, that he is going to meet with those people still for the eighth time. Last time those people gave Volodya for some days a videotape recording with magic actions for acquaintance and also a writing-book with explanations. It was found, that they hadn’t said anything concrete still seven times, but if the boy showed such persistence, then he needed it, he was under the influence of “impulse”. They said, that that recording had only one percent of the whole teaching, but having mastered it, you could possess energy and rule it. They also said, that they had centers all over the world, in Moscow that recording costed one hundred dollars. Volodya handed Dennis that recording and he, in his turn, showed it me without permission. All, concerning mastering the energy, had been still known for me, but the simple method of the division of consciousness and the achievement of independent existence, finding magnetic look I have borrowed from there. Afterwards it turned out, that that teaching gad been know rather well, as the proper literature had been widely used, but the methods of teaching themselves were not known for the public.

After mastering the third initiation the man becomes independent and not coming under one’s influence, that is independent creature, so he can manage without meditating, if that state becomes natural for him. It is one of the levels of releasing; you are not subjected to external factors and adequately realize your consciousness as a released and independent man.

There is a doctrine in Yoga named “Channels, Wind and Drop of Soul”, the heart of the problem is in the fact, that thanks to passing of the energy through energy channels your consciousness is passed too, a drop of soul, on the basis of this knowledge is worked out the fourth initiation.

The fourth initiation allows to extend your consciousness and to achieve the supermind level, to merge cosmic consciousness, to go into the transcendent al world. It differs from the simple extending of consciousness, because you have still mastered the immobility, soul and independent existing, moreover you also exceed the limits of the consciousness once and for all.

Mastering each next stage leads to its unification with the previous initiation, to the ability to synthezing them, so, having mastered all stages, you achieve a certain comprehensive stable perfection. But all this is the very outset of the Integral Yoga; later on you have to learn staying in that release in that life and to extend perceiving the God’s showing. Diverse yogis divided the meditation and the life, so you could be in your lofty consciousness only during meditation, far from the urban fuss; if your peace and quiet were shattered, you lost your level little by little, that is you were unable to introduce results of your meditation in your life, you had to choose: Yoga or life. The Integral Yoga has its own motto: “Life is Yoga”.

Author’s address to readers.

At present there is a lot of literature concerning meditating and spiritual development of the man, so you have to realize, that the aim of life for the man consists of spiritual perfection, development your consciousness, your soul. In order to put it into practice, you needn’t be a hermit or a well-known saint, the transformation starts in the thick of everyday life. This book gives you an opportunity to start your spiritual ascent, you needn’t waste time in search of super-complex methods - they, as a rule, take much time and energy, yielding unconvincing and unstable results. Begin with the opening your heart and your spiritual advance will find inside Teacher, able to lead you to the spiritual summit without any danger for your heath.

I wish everybody, who on reading this book decided to develop his soul, to devote his life to the Most High, to find like-minded persons, taking the spiritual way. But you can realize it only in the case of creating spiritual atmosphere around you, opening your heart and leading it to the world around. Help your soul to become stronger in this world, create the atmosphere, promoting spiritual advance, which could support you. Don’t seclude yourself, help people around you to open their heart, create your inner world yourself. Let you unite your soul and the Most High, let there be absent fanaticism and envy in your social surroundings, let everyone aspire to the God as he is able to, your task is to open your heart and not to follow previous directions. Don’t try to thrust your opinion about religions and the God on the people around you, help them to open their heart, let you unite Love and Compassion. Keep together and cherish your spiritual surroundings, it will be a real help for you and people around you, being together, you will find supporting and backing from people, going the same way.

If on reading this book you didn’t strongly feel waves of energy, reread it some time later, trying to do it with all your heart, watch energy’s waves, coming from it, don’t keep in this energy, let it freely go out. If you run across difficulties in you spiritual practicing, don’t be ashamed and write me, answerers will help not you only. If you mind publishing your letter or mentioning your name, point out it.


Niko Sant

Address of e-mail:

P.S. While writing this book, we did sadhana at vital level, all experiences of practicing people also goes back to the time, we have just achieved supermind level. At present this book expresses the primary level only, so it is impossible to have an idea about what we do now. But I would like to note, that whatever level you achieve, the method keeps the same - extending consciousness and immobility (inside and energy), the Mother has mentioned it in Agenda.

Why is the method cited not in full? First, even if it is cited in full, most people would not master it, second, initiation is, in the first place, means passing on one’s experience and energy, so it cannot be passed in printed text. It is still possible in video-recording, as you may hear vibrations of voice, see eyes and so on, the man, looking through video, can easily go in proper vibration, feel atmosphere; when the man reads a text, he disposes it to his vibrations, so, if he is in rajas and read about opening anahata chakra, he will fail. We have tested it - we asked experienced people to explain to beginners the technique, they have still mastered. But all their efforts were in vain, because people, practicing for a long time, are not with the whole their consciousness in vibration they speak about. When we are going to explain, people come into proper energy literally from the first.

For instance, the method of opening anahata chakra, push the soul into the foreground. The book “The Call of the Eternity” details this method, even if after reading this book you could not open your soul, it becomes evident, that “Shiva-Samhita” is right: “Only knowledge, imparted by Guru, through his mouth, possesses strength and use, otherwise it becomes useless, poor and very agonizing”.

The man can get initiations only after opening his heart, if he did not open it, did not take the way of serving the Most High, it becomes rather dangerous to give him energy power, so the first term, we make, is opening anahata and aspiration for the God.

At present are worked out the fifth and sixth initiations.

The experience of Lena (after four month practicing) a week after achieving the fifth initiation:

“2.06.2000 23.30

Last days my consciousness is opened and comprehensive day and night (no thoughts and motions of soul, as always though). Today I extended in endlessness; a strong bursting open vibration in my body and head, the vibration filled the space around me. Towards evening (I was in my office) the energy became compact and started to press strongly and to burst open, so I was about to go into meditation and energy utterly. Here arose the question of the fact, how people live, what are they occupied in, how they struggle for their existence, why some people commit suicide… After all those the question did not trouble me and I went into energy and meditation. After some five miinutres a vision of the globe appeared before me with plenty of people, settled on it, I knew their life and emotions. I saw the whole Earth with peoples and races settled on it, my consciousness was above that world, I observed it from above and gradually a part of my consciousness began to disperse among those people. Some time later I felt, that I was simultaneously in comprehensive consciousness and among people. The more I concentrated on people, the more I felt compassion for them, the energy of compassion came from my heart and I began to merge the world all together. Then I felt Love, filling the world. Towards thee end I felt filling up and completeness of the world, filled with Compassion and Love, moreover the comprehensive consciousness predominated over all that (I disappeared and remained only that comprehensive consciousness and the world filled with Love and Compassion). It was complete harmony of the Universe”.

The continuation of Lena’s experience:


I come to a standstill and the energy of anahata takes me away, I feel peace, gladness and I take pleasure in it. My consciousness is above, I feel Eternity in Endlessness.


Since I went in the comprehensive consciousness, I began to realize the eternity and the endlessness. In the morning, having awakened, I felt a strong energy in my body, anahata and head. When I was on way to my work or came to a standstill while sitting, strong energy began to come out of my heart, it was the energy of delight in the whole world, when I was looking at trees, flowers, leaves, the energy of delight and gladness came out of my heart and filled the environment. After some days the quality of meditation began to change, the comprehensive consciousness remained, but it started to get lucid gradually and to assume a more positive character, at that time I was not out of the world, I merged with it and pleased the whole being.

Today I began to dissolve my personality, then to extend in endlessness, when sahasrara had been opened, a strong light poured on me, I even thought, that the sun shined in my eyes, so I was forced to open my eyes and make sure, that there was no sun in the sky. The strong light kept pouting till studies were over, I extended in that dazzling light, and the consciousness flew away and become comprehensive”.


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