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What is love?

The love means the gladness of unity. It is said: “The God means love”. It may be said in other words: “The God means the gladness of the Unity”. Sat-Chit-Ananda. Being-Consciousness-Bliss. The God means all - that is Unity.

Can one lay down his life for the sake of his darling?

Yes, he can. But if the man sacrifices himself for the sake of other man, it means, that he does it not because of love. Love is gladness. The man lays down his life owing to his affections and sense of duty, fixed ideas, sense of fault, but it is not love. Love means gladness of unity; that is another matter, when you are afraid of loosing the subject of unity and for the sake of it you are going to scarify yourself, it turns out, that you lay down your life because of fear of parting. For instance, if are engaged in Yoga and achieve high level in it, it would be foolish for your part to lay down your life for the sake of an ordinary person. You, of course, will help him, if it seems to be necessary, but if you must die for the sake of his life-saving, it is not worth to do that, as everyone has his own karma (in the case, you haven’t still achieved high level, the self-sacrifice would be indication of your development, separation from body and life). When Shri Aurobindo was asked: “Will you save a drowning man?” he answered: “Only in the case I would be asked to”. It is simply foolish, if a man, achieved complete unity with the Universe, will fuss because of a drowning person.

Is it difficult to help a man? Why not for yogi save another man?

You speak from point of view of your narrow-minded personality, so you cannot comprehend global consciousness. In order to save the man, you need proper impulse. Imagine, that you have achieved unity with the Most High, you perceive everything on a global scale, why must you help the drowning man, you feel all wars in the world just as all people, feel the pain of the man at a distance of a thousand kilometers from you. Will you rush from side to side in order to save, all downing pa all over the world - you can’t be everywhere at once. If you are united with the God, you are in the consciousness of the Most High, and the Most High means everything, you see all levels of consciousness, all plans of being, realize the eternity, you see the endlessness of time and the foolishness of human aims. The God does not rush to help every drowning man and yogi is united with consciousness of the God. The God means the gladness of the Unity. He is everything. He is everywhere; there is nothing, what could suffer, being in His consciousness. The only thing, which suffers, is your limited vision.



Then, the God does not care for human sufferings?

Rather, people do not care for the God, they are so absorbed in their problems and sufferings, that their all world outlook is limited to their poor little world, moreover they try to comprehend and, above all, to explain the God, with the help of their narrow-mindedness. If a yogi looks at a dying man, he, in the first place, realized his eternal essence, his soul, he realizes, that nothing will happen with soul, it will take a new life again and the body and outer personality will, in the end, destroy all the same, and from the standpoint of the eternity there is not a great difference, when it will happen - now or in twenty years or that man has died for a long time. The Most High mean Gladness in Unity, only limited vision is at the bottom of problem.

As a matter of fact, has the God such a concept as good and evil?

No. In a higher plan, in plan of absolute True everything is in the Unity - the past, the future, the present, all phenomena and possibilities are merged in united bliss of Unity. There is nothing to call the evil. That, what is the evil today, is turned tomorrow into a new possibility and stimulus of development. But because in higher consciousness the past, the present and the future exist simultaneously, you can see from there the whole True at once, which lies in the so-called evil. Here is a story, primitively expressing this principle.

“…Once upon a time there lived a man in a village, who had a horse. Other fellow-villagers had no horses, so all people envied him. But the horse was stolen and people pitied that man. Some time later the horse came back and brought a stallion with her. All people began to envy him again. That man had a son, who fractured his leg, all people started to sympathize with them, but a war broke out and all sons were called up for military service, but his son remained at home with his broken leg…”

the human consciousness is extremely limited, people attempt to account everything for their limited consciousness, failing to bear in mind, that it is blasphemously to judge the God and to turn over in their mind, what kind of person should He be? For example, you would not compare a man and a sheep. The same difference is between an ordinary man and a man, believing in the God.

Above the door of dwelling house of Shri Aurobindo swallows built a nest, so he went round in order not to trouble them. When I have read about it, I thought, it was too much, but later I catched myself at the thought, that I myself, going along the street, constantly take care and try not to knock down anybody, it often happened, that I even sprained my ankle, when I caught sight of an ant at the last moment.

And how do you treat cockroaches?

In general, there are no cockroaches in my flat. But if they sometimes appear, I throw them out of the window. It doesn’t mean, that I am a supporter of non-usage of violence; simply it is unpleasant for me to take one’s life. For example, there multiplied many wasps in my balcony in summer, they did not bite me, but they were so many, that I had to dodge them; moreover I felt something uncomfortable, they restricted my freedom of the movement, so I was forced to kill some of them and to destroy their nest.

All people are limited to their consciousness and perception of the world, some people are unable to realize anything, however hard you may explain, put yourself out about sense of life; others begin to fall to thinking, some of them even realize, that life is more intricate, than it seems, that they must develop, some people don’t admit even the thought of the fact, that they will have to begin all over again in next life, but nevertheless they cannot advance further than the vulgarization itself. It is not enough to realize it, you need inner striving, advance, or else senseless regenerations will continue infinitely and you will be force to begin all over again in next life: birth, childhood, school, family, work… There is not a great difference, whether you hear the Call till you take the Way, till you develop your inner striving, which doesn’t come under influence of life conditions or unfavorable circumstances. If you have such a striving, it will lead you to the Way in next life as well. In other words, if you in this life, even having met the True, don’t devote yourself to it, you have no hopes to meet the True in next life. If you reject now the chance, the fate gives you; the next chance (only a Chance!) could arise still in thousand years. But it will be a chance only, it doesn’t mean, that you would avail yourself of it. Of course, you will suffer much enough during those thousand years and mature to the state of taking new opportunity, but again, you have no guarantee in the present case.

Buddha Sakyamuni told his disciples the following parable: “Imagine, that there on the ground of a great ocean lives a blind turtle, who once during a century comes to the surface in order to inhale some air. Meanwhile there on the surface of the ocean floats the yoke. When the north wind blows, the yoke floats to the south, when the south wind blows, the yoke floats to the north, when the western wind blows, the yoke floats to the east and so on. So, once during a century the blind turtle comes to the surface. Is there a chance that the blind turtle will get into the yoke with her head?

Naught. No chance.

“…So such a chance has a man for meeting the True…”

Therefore you must clearly realize, if you have not firm striving, which doesn’t allow you never to rest content with what has been achieved, you have no guarantee, that you will have such an opportunity for development in your next life. But if such an opportunity offers at present, you have to hold on to it as the only treasure in this world. The only thing, which can set your foot on the Way, is your inner striving. That is flame, breaking out of you, which never rest on your laurels and looks for way out, even if it is stifled by force. If only your striving has developed to the degree, at which nothing can stop it, if only you are ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of the True, only in this case you may be sure of your striving.

Maybe, many followers of Integral Yoga are sorry, that they don’t’ live at time of Shri Aurobindo and the Mother. They believe, that hey would never abandon the Mother, never betray their life-work. I am afraid, it is self-deception. Those, who surrounded the Mother, were not so great criminals and scoundrels, and it would be rather conceitedly to believe, you are better, than they (if only because, maybe, exactly they have live in their previous life next to them). Shri Aurobindo and the Mother carried out the work, entrusted to them by the Most High, were engaged in incessant battle; if somebody considers himself a follower of them, he has, in the first place, utterly to devote his life to the Most High, to score big successes and after that to carry out the work on supramental transformation of the matter. To show insignificant striving and efforts is able everyone, but the Integral Yoga needs strong people, able to resist difficulties for a long time. It is easy to live in ashram, where the supramental Master is present, you need be some susceptible only, and He will do the whole sadhana. But now it is time for true warriors, who are ready to win the Earth for the Most High. Those, laying aside, will leave the road, take fright of difficulties, must recognize their weakness, carry out reappraisal of their values once more and firm rush the land of Spirit.

“I need strong and resolute people”.

Vivekananda said: “Choose the Most High ideal for imitation. And keep in mind, true worshiper the Mother are strong as Adamant and fearless as lions. There is nothing, a truly seeking man could have achieved. Insist the Mother to hear you and don’t forget, that She is all-powerful, She has absolute power, She can erect monuments for heroes from stones”.



There are prophecies concerning Armageddon in “Revelations of John Theologian”, of Nostradamus. By the way, in “Revelations” is described our time, in Nostradamus as well.




The beast, coming out of the sea, is NATO, seven heads - seven primary countries - members of alliance, one head is fatal wounded and later healed - Germany, which was divided in two parts and later united.

The red dragon, which has given the power that beast - countries of socialist community, after disintegration of which NATO became the only real strength in the world, all countries began to bow down before it, even previous republics of the Soviet Union.

The second beast with two horns - USA, divided in two parts: Alaska and central part. Just USA breathed new life into image of NATO and forced everybody to bow down before him. Everyone could be killed, who does not bow down before the first beast - Yugoslavia and Iraq are examples for it.

It is not allowed to sell or to buy without inscription of the name of the beast or his number - that means electronic system of payment and stroke-codes on all wares. Western countries don’t still use cash and plastic cards are often lost, so tests are carried out on creating invisible laser tattoo on the hand, through which could be read off personal code of everyone (maybe, in nearest five years it will be put into practice), all wares also have a stroke-code.

Then one can make up anything.

Sometimes it is possible, but it suits much more.

According Nostradamus, Armageddon (last war) will begin in 2003-2005 and continue 25 years.

The Lamb - what can we tell of him? There are many people to take his place, but it is obvious, that he will go to the slaughter, that is, will be killed.


Maybe, the marriage-suppor is decease of the Lamb, after that appears the Sitting on the white horse.


If we consider the Faithful, the True and the Lamb one and the same person, it confirms the fact, that the Lamb will be killed: “He weared clothes, having blood on it”.

Moreover, there is described long and bloody war, later was made thousand-year peace. Nostradamus says: what will at that time never had been so fine. In principle, the nuclear war is not so terrible, till now live people, who experienced Hiroshima. Of course, there will be more illnesses and more children would be freaks.

Then the mutation would occur and appear supramental creatures.

It may be. Perhaps, all would be done for it. The supramental matter regulates the life rather roughly: if the Supramental needs a new look, it could be done more easy during mutation and radiation provides favorable conditions for it, that’s why all these occur.

If we consider the “Revelations” from the standpoint of the Integral Yoga, we shall have to do with some interesting sides of the matter:


This description is very much alike the description of the supramental world, where the matter itself will stream the light.



For the last time we spoke about possibility of appearance of supramental creatures because of radiation. But they can’t appear all of a sudden; there must be some receptivity to the supramental energy. If we assume, that the supramental world is still here, in the matter, then we need the proper receptivity of p. but what kind of receptivity we may discuss, when people don’t even feel their soul and are unable to open it. So we need appropriate doctrine, which would be disseminated the whole world that is the doctrine of the soul’s opening. Furthermore this doctrine should be accessible absolutely for everyone, it should not restrict the man to his belief or disbelief. If most people will live in their soul, it will be easier for Supramental to advance along the road of self-affirmation with the help of dutiful guides. Shri Aurobindo and the Mother said, that you are engaged in Integral Yoga, if you cannot open your soul and live in it.

If this doctrine will be disseminated on a world scale, it will be peace without wars during thousand years. But I am afraid, that it will take too many years for dissemination of that doctrine and people are not used to wait for a long time, so, maybe, we have to do with one more illusion. Moreover, no one volunteered to disseminate it, because all people are selfish and they take an interest in results of their deeds only and here we need a disinterested work, unhurried, without fame and honor.

But, if people are selfish, so, their soul is not opened?

No, their soul is not opened; the trouble is that they don’t realize it. Until the man clears himself his soilings, until he finds inner purity and sincerity before himself, it is not worth to speak about spirit transformation and Integral Yoga. By the word of mouth all people may be devoted to the Most High and Supramental, but actually there no one volunteered to help the Supramental in His self-affirmation in this world, as, in the first place, you have to get rid of your petty selfishness, to change yourself, moreover, you have to do it resolutely and right away.


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