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9.01.2000 Victoria called today. I inform you about her meditating. When she meditated on anahata, all those present began originally to respond: all became kind, attentive, and well mannered. The lecturer in informatics came up to her at studies and announced: “I decided to release this girl from practice”, by the way, she did not ever examine Victoria by mark. The grumbling grandmother became a model for all grandmothers, other people also changed for the better. Now Victoria meditates again on the immobility, merging inside of consciousness. When she goes to the institute, she concentrates so strong on her immobility, that suddenly notices herself standing still, once she even was twenty minutes late. Under influence of strong energy she still doesn’t feel her body, so in the evening she performs the great psychical breathing of yogis instead of pranayama, and while inhalation the New Year’s Harland (unwinking) starts to wink and almost becomes dim, the ordinary bulb also grows dim. One day there were strong interferences in TV-set, she pushed her arm forward and the TV-set started to work normally, she took her arm away - interferences again, pushed forward - no interferences. Another case in her life. She lives in a room with TV-set, which she doesn’t want to watch, but her father turns it on however. Earlier she was forced to quarrel with him, but after she began to meditate, she stopped to pay attention to him, father used to go to his neighbor to watch TV-set, the TV-set in her room stopped to turn on for some reason. You, maybe, see yourself, how she meditates.

You were going to ask her about astral travels.

(Applying to Victoria): They want to know, how to enter astral. Do you want to tell?

Victoria: What for? What do you need it for?

But, if you have experience, you can share it.

Victoria: What is that for? I consider it unnecessary to do.

You see, the person of high level said, that you needn’t it. If you meditate as she, you would have the same opinion of that.

But for all that, it is interesting to gain experience and fly somewhere.

It is interesting for your external consciousness, it needs only outward effects. If you were David Copperfield and in consciousness remain an ordinary man? What do you need it for? Outward effects, wonders for public - this is an illustration of a low level of consciousness. To fly to Hawaii, Miami or Egypt - is the same in fact.

No, not the same. You must pay money for travel to Egypt, but you needn’t pay to travel to astral. (It was a joke with some truth)

Why free of charge? You must pay. If you want to bring it to perfection, you would have to meditate some hours a day, perform Kundalini-Yoga, and develop your astral bodies. Not every one of you could pay a heave price for it. When you are in immobility, do you want to enter astral and fly?

When one is in immobility, he doesn’t want anything. Neither Egypt, nor Hawaii. Nothing!

That’s the way. Enter the immobility and everything will be all right. In fact, if you meditate overstepping the limits, your dreams would be pure astral. When you plunge in yourself during meditation, you find contact with the consciousness, which function in your sleep, so you can live a conscious life in it, meditate, develop, and remember it. Thus meditate as Victoria and you wouldn’t need foolish astral. I offer you the whole Universe, but you catch on its scraps. These scraps are needed for external consciousness, which is unable to contain the whole Universe.

Now we have two consciousnesses: internal and external. You still cling to the old external consciousness. If you live in harmony with your internal essence, you would not have unrealizable wishes, all, you really need, will become apparent in this world. Learn to live, act and speak in rhythm with your meditation, in unison with internal energy, internal vibration. If you meditate on immobility, then speaking, take care of your internal state, put your immobility into words, deeds, constantly merging deeper and deeper inwards. If you meditate on anahata, speak from your heart; constantly be in its vibration. If you do it, your meditation, your energy will constantly increase, your consciousness will start to change and your external essence will be transformed. Little by little your internal and external life become even, the transformation will take place and you could live in full harmony with yourself and the world around.

11.01.2000 (There was conversation about Victoria, it was found, that somebody did not like, she did not share astral with anybody).

First, I have let know beforehand, that she would not tell you anything, I expected just that answer from her, moreover, I specially asked her, for you could realize the proper treatment of spiritual practicing. It doesn’t matter, that she is younger than you more than twice. Or, if she had beard, were you of other opinion? If she were a great and famous yogi, you would not speak so.

If she were a great yogi, she would not answer like that.

You are wrong, absolutely wrong. First, she was in deep meditation - I think, it was obvious, and when you are deep in internal consciousness, in such powerful energy, such interests and questions seem to be untimely. If you go in such energy, you could not constrain yourself to speak. Do you remember, that once boys brought their acquaintance? He had very bad vibrations, asked defiant questions. I was then in deep meditation. As soon he came in and started to radiate his terrible vibrations, I was just about to show the door to him. But I was in meditation and the more he asked aggressive questions, the deeper my consciousness merged inwards, waves of energy rushed into my mind. It was original protective reaction. After I was cloaked in dense energy, I simply did not hear him. He said, that he knew, that some questions were not keen to be answered. In fact, he did not understand anything: when such powerful energy descends on you, it is rather difficult to establish a connection with external organs of sense, it is difficult to speak. Nevertheless I forced myself to speak, that being in a deep meditation, it is difficult to speak sometimes. (Moreover to answer foolish questions).

And what about great yogis… There was a famous yogi in India; he experienced transcendent consciousness when he was seven. After a week he left house and home without speaking a word, and start to live in a neglected temple in the forest (his parents knew his location only after some years). Inhabitants came to see him and brought food for him, he answered them that that food is needed only for that body and he was not that body. When he was a grown and well-known man, people of the whole world visited him in order to hear him speaking about the God. And when somebody asked him questions, not concerning the God and methods of realizing the God, he simply did not answer, as if he has not heard the question. When Shri Aurobindo was asked, how to act in astral, answered asking: “Do you know how to go in there? No? Then speak next time, when you learn it”. That’ll do! Mirra Alfassa, companion-in-arms of Shri Aurobindo, considering her incarnation of divine Mother, divine Shakti, when was asked by Satprem (her person empowered to act for her, she could talk over everything with him) about entering astral, the answer was, she would not learn him it, as it should be approached seriously without speaking about it in short.

You can easily enter astral, when you have much energy or when you haven’t it at all, if you are in usual state; you have to be in training. I think we have already talked of the fact that in case you constantly meditate, your dreams become pure astral. So meditate like Victoria and try to be in external consciousness not long. Keep in mend, what I told you about Victoria two months ago (what kind of person she is). I did not say it for particular reason; I did not simply concentrate your attention on it. In reality she is of much higher spiritual level than you and it is impossible to compare her ripeness of soul with your one, you are still children, you have children’s souls, of course, not so children’s souls, as most people have, but nevertheless…

Stop to upset the teacher. What do you attack Victoria for?

Why do you think, I have feeled upset about it?

To look at you.

I have already said, that all troubles and unpleasant feelings a man is used to experience, when his energy does not circulate freely and press soiling. What I experience is compassion… no, the energy is the same, but there are no emotions, it is most likely the grief, the grief in heart about your low level and about carrying away the external consciousness. If I have an affection (selfish) towards Victoria, this energy, arising in my heart, would press this affection and I would feel a heavy heart. If the energy does not run across obstacles, it freely goes out and fills utterly your creature; you completely merge in this energy. The energy of soul cannot be unpleasant and, even if it is grief, the latter comes from heart; this is the grief about your souls, which are unable to adapt themselves to external life. The psychical creature cannot suffer, it can only grieve about the fact, that it is alienated from its Source or rather the external creature is alienated from its divine source. Thus, the energy, arising in me, can give me only pleasant feelings, not joy, of course, but it is the energy of soul, even if it is grief. All the time I tell you to be in harmony with your nature, but you go on clinging to external consciousness, drive your soul back. You should do everything in rhythm with your meditation or in unison with your soul. When you speak with a man, you have to retain on your energy 70, no, even 80 percents of your attention and speak in a way you would not disturb your immobility, your energy. Victoria retains attention on energy by all 100 percent, now she sits for examinations, the whole days busy, sleeps not more 3 hours, in spite of it she is constantly in me. If you meditate on your soul, it’s easy for you as you have simply to send words from your heart and vibrations of soul will only become stronger and overfill you.

Do you know, what do people do, if they have a grudge against anybody? The man draws off his external creature inwards, that’s why it is said: “He pouted his lips”. If you constantly meditate, then while you have a drudge against somebody, you will also draw off your consciousness inwards, but, because you meditate, you will merge in energy and meditation much more, you will even like, when you have a drudge against somebody, as it increases your meditation and your pure energy, you needn’t only clinging to your soiling (pride, affection, impatience). If you are in your soul and apprehend all emotions from your soul, then while you have a drudge against somebody, you will experience compassion or love, or grief; if you apprehend offence with your external creature, your pride will suffer.

Everything, I learn you - not to put obstacles in passing of energy, including spiritual energy. You need living in harmony with nature and yourself, enjoy life to the full. Do you know the story about Adam and Eva? There were also a snake and an apple. Formerly there was paradise on the Earth. Maybe not everywhere, but it was in a small locality. The man has just appeared, it is unimportant, if he has materialized at once or little by little. People still possessed then delicate sensitiveness, energy, they had also intellect, but they did not abuse it. The climate was warm and mild, they managed without closing, nature ensured the food, and they lived carefree in harmony with the world around and were happy. Such heaven on the Earth. In general, they lived like Anastasia in Siberia. But they had intellect, which was able to analyze and put everything in order. The time passed and there raised progressive urge and aspiration for knowledge and explanation. The snake symbolizes this urge, whispering people, what is to be explained, mentalize oneself and the world around. Then people started to abuse their intellect and attempted to comprehend all and everything. They are able to rule over the nature and they attempted to explain it instead of apprehending it as justice. Gradually they developed their intellect and lost their abilities and the harmony with nature. Later they began to create moral regulations and other laws, explaining, what was good and evil (fruits of tree of good and evil were eaten). When they utterly mentalized the world around and lost harmony with it, they found themselves in hostile world - they drove out themselves from paradise.

The aim of evolution is not returning remote past, so such a defecating life of a human - animal cannot be the aim of Yoga, but it would be quite good first step. Let us assume, that the Most High created that Universe, filled it with His emanations in order to know everything about solitary personalities, who would develop, and in the end, come to the realizing their source and change the whole Universe in divine creature, then the aim of Yoga should be the same. Earlier all religions and spiritual doctrines named that world the world of sufferings and aspired to leave it, however the Integral Yoga has another sight of divine Providence. All is the God, so, if there is the matter, we mustn’t leave it, on the contrary, we must change it into the Earth, where the true reigns, and worship it. Naturally, we have to start from ourselves, we are unable to change our neighbor till we have been changed ourselves.

And when will it happen?

Maybe, there will pass many hundreds and even thousands years on the Earth till it comes true on global scale. It may happen so, that the earth will stop to exist before this plan will be put into practice, then the work can be continued on another planet - the Universe is immense and till all the possible versions are exhausted, it will exist.

I constantly feel drawing upwards; my consciousness is swallowed up into the area above my head. Sometimes I look at me and at the world around from the point above my head, but you told me to concentrate in heart, but it turns out badly.

I repeat for everybody - you should learn to live in your soul without mixing up your external creature and intellect into a pure perception. If you feel drawing upwards, it means, you need go upwards, but again, don’t try to explain it with the help of your intellect. Your task is to be in constant contact with divine strength, let it acting and not disturbing, be impartial observer. You need go into energy and fully trust in it, and then it would do your Yoga for you. There is such a word “tapacia”, it means struggle for overcoming oneself, aspiration to self-perfection, but you need personal efforts for this purpose, you struggle against your shortcomings on this way, attempt to achieve perfection with the help of your own efforts. When you act so, you look for the way in the dark, try to break away from the hostile world of imperfection, learn from your mistakes, get bumps, and from time to time grope for passage in strata of difficulties, every advancement is bound with great personal efforts. That is rather inharmonious and very hard way. While doing our Yoga, if you have still get into contact with divine energy, you needn’t make personal efforts, you need let the strength to act, observe its work, realize it, if the strength is active, you concentrate on it, on its work, if it comes back, you may fix your attention on one of centers of concentration, continuing internal unity with your divine essence. If you act so, your external creature, without getting encouragement from former dirty vibrations, would start to dissolve its soiling following transformation, but for this purpose you need do everything in rhythm with your meditation, with your soul. The strength can act differently, in certain cases it concentrates in heart, in other cases goes into endlessness above your head, in the case of internal concentration the gathering of the strength round the body may occur and you may enter deep meditation of merging inwards, afterwards the contact with external world is interrupted, you have to learn using this strength and entrust to it. In some cases you would use it, in other cases it could use you, the main thing is , that you have harmony with it, little by little your aspiration and wishes would not differ from the aspiration of divine will, from divine intention.

17.01.2000 Tonight I visited the GuestBook of Integral Yoga in internet, where a girl asked, how to learn meditating, how to share experience, before Integral Yoga she was engaged in transcendental meditation during two years, but as a result she got only headache. Two persons, engaging in Integral Yoga, answered her, their answers came to the fact, that everyone should to find his own method; there is no general rule there. In general, in goes without saying, but as a result, the girl did not get the help. It proves once more that it is very difficult to master meditation without minimum initial course. I did not still meddle in it, moreover the question has been asked for some days; he who does look for, shall always find (later I started to correspond with her). But it seems to be wistful, that even those, who achieved a success with the help of spiritual practicing, cannot be of some help to other people. The question arises concerning the adherence to ideas of Shri Aurobindo and the Mother. Most of those, engaged in Integral Yoga, recognize this Yoga only thanks the fact, that it, as they assume, does not impose strict bans on them and take life as a matter of course. Some people apprehend it literally, at the level of their soiling; one of them in Moscow said, that when you have a TV-set, you should not reject it, or else it would not be the Integral Yoga. But Shri Aurobindo spoke about futile amusements, light reading, useless talking, as an uncontrolled loss of energy (at that time there were no TV-sets). Some people assume, that it is possible to engage in Integral Yoga in the bed together with darling, but it is Integral Yoga, not Tantra or Dao of love, we have with quite other ones gies to do here. On the contrary, Shri Aurobindo and the mother constantly reminded, that sexual relations should be broken off not only in physical world, but also in consciousness, thoughts and images, if you want to achieve something worthwhile, people, engaged in Integral Yoga, think, that, if you lead a monastic way of life, you are not a man, engaged in Integral Yoga, they, maybe, believe, that in ashram of Shri Aurobindo all people were laymen, but, after all, you should attain to the level of the best of Shri Aurobindo, the Mother, Shri Chinmoya, who spent twenty years in ashram of Shri Aurobindo. Life-work, the only aim, you aspire to -Shri Aurobindo said just so. Quite another matter consists in the fact, that all, engaged in Integral Yoga, consider themselves learners of the together, but, if Shri Aurobindo and the mother have been reincarnated and continued their deed, some of those adherents could hardly recognize them, because they follow an old image and in new bodies they were young and would hardly declare themselves.

To say frankly, I don’t think, that the Master would leave this Earth and unfinished work so simply. People turn over in their mind, banal, and, if Shri Aurobindo does not write “Synthesis of Yoga” in new life, he would not be recognized.

In “The Call of the Eternity” are mentioned initiations effective methods of mastering of energy and immobility, stopping of consciousness, opening of soul; we already hear, how we would be accused of the fact, that there are no clear initiations in the Integral Yoga, that we work in the direction no one knows what. It can be answered so: you will have initiations now, now all can master meditating, soul, immobility without additional difficulties. We realize the wish of some people not to help other seeking people and to say, that everybody has his own method, cherishing a hope, they would remain possessors the divine Shakti, but you can’t get away with that. Naturally, we are not going to scatter initiations right and left, but seeking people, capable of the absolute self-devotion, will get help.

20.01.2000 Today we brought up new Shavasana, worked out by us, we named it “Shavasana Shakti”. Last time everybody was doing it, entered powerful energy after relaxation. There was given a good reference to it. One practicing girl noticed, that nowhere was mentioned before, that Shavasana should be done in energy, and when she was filled with Shakti, she felt places, which were weaked not full. By means of energy she could weak them completely and merged in strong vibration. Today another practicing girl told us, how she had done it at home.

(Olga, 34 years old). When I began to fill with energy, through my body passed such a powerful stream, that I even was frightened - the energy was so powerful, that it seemed, my vascular could burst, the pressure caused to burst me on the inside. After I get up, the energy went of flowing into my body, I still stopped to concentrate on it, but it continued to flow, I did not know, what to do with it.

It should be noted, that those energies, we work with, are energies of soul and divine Shakti; they cannot do harm to the man, but in this case you should be absolutely susceptible and weakened. Nobody felt unwell during our studies, though energies, we work with, are properly powerful, practically material. Of course, some unpleasant feelings may occur, especially when energy soiling remain in the body, the man can get strong Shakti at that time (practically all our practicing people have more than enough chronic diseases); it is necessary to let the energy in until completely cleaning occurs.

What is the God?

In order to comprehend it, Hid essence, you need go into Hid consciousness. But let us attempt to explain it from point of view of materialism. Everything, we see, is energy (E=mc2). We still know that energy possesses consciousness. The whole matter consists of molecules, which are formed from atoms, there are various substances, but they have identical atoms, for example, oxygen and ozone. Or water (H2O), if we break it up by means of electricity, we get oxygen and hydrogen, if we burn hydrogen, it will combine with oxygen again, we get water anew and not something else. That means, there is some organizing strength, organizing consciousness, which puts all in good order. If we consider atoms, they consist of the same protons, neutrons, electrons, it is of no importance, what kind of atom is it - gold or chlorine - protons and neutrons are identical, their quantity is different only. But again, protons and neutrons consist of smaller elementary particles, if we go further, we can reach primary “bricks” of the Universe, all known elementary particles consist of them, but they, in their turn, are not any grits, solid formations, they are energy fields, energy. Primary energy, which promotes formation of universal worlds and plans of consciousness by way of thickening. There is the law of gravity, gravitation, but revealing elementary particle, ruling the gravitation was a failure. But if there isn’t this strength, gravitating towards mass, the Universe couldn’t exist. Imagine an atom. If its protons and neutrons don’t’ form groups, don’t form atoms, if there isn’t the strength of gravitation, no organizing strength, atoms would simply scatter in different directions.

But there is another law in atoms. That is the law of gravity.

The name of a law is for scientist of importance. I don’t know, how scientist explain the forming of atoms, but I think, it is obvious, that if elementary particles do not gravitate and scatter, do not interact, there could not be material Universe. As I think, the strength, gravitating towards planets, forming Galaxies, and the strength, organizing atoms is the same. In any case, there is some organizing consciousness, some strength, which support the well-proportional structure of the Universe. We may say, that the God is just this primary consciousness, this primary energy. But comprehending it with the help of mind would come to nothing; you could not sense the consciousness of the Most High, life in this consciousness. If you are also distributed in elementary particles, there would not remain a trace of you, no your personality, even your soul, which also consists of some energy. From this point of view you are a clot of energy, a featuless collection of atoms, cells, chemical reactions. But it does not absolutely correspond to your perception your existence. Maybe, for someone it will help to assume on nature reflection the existence of the God as an organizing strength, as a subtle consciousness, what everything originates in, but it leads to belittling of its significance, but to make a start, if it is necessary for a materialist, we may explain it in the following way.

I wonder, what a soul is, gain an understanding of it.

You needn’t go into details, you needn’t comprehend the soul by means of your mind, and you should feel it. It is impossible to comprehend the soul by means of your mind; you should live in your soul. For instance, if you feel the love, you needn’t be told, that that is the love or analyze its origin, you simply feel and live for this feeling, if you start to analyze, your consciousness finds itself in your mind and you start to loose this feeling. People are accustomed to give all the shape of words, to explain everything, but they live for feelings, energy, true, they don’t know about the energy, so they believe, that the intellect is the height of evolution. If fact, the intellect is a subtle instrument, one has to know how to use it and it is necessary to transmit images, feelings, analyze, comprehension, but you needn’t always live in it. Actually, people, living in intellect, stint themselves to excess, for life is the present, life is an instant between the past and future. But intellect is unable to retain this instant, it is able to concentrate only on the past or future, if you concentrate on the past by means of intellect, it could not catch on anything, because the present is your feelings, emotional experiences, that is energy, but not the intellect. The latter exists “after”, it cannot live “now”. But most people live by means of intellect; the whole society is guided by intellect.

The people’s life is directed to the future. Only children don’t think about future, they live at that very instant, they enjoy the life as such and don’t fall to thinking of what will be tomorrow. But when they grow up and go to school, they begin to think about the future, they live and think only about the fact, when lessons will be over, when come rest-days, later they live in dreams of vacation and the life escapes slowly their notice attention. In leavers’ class they begin to think about the high school, work, later about family life. People are constantly worry about their future and they really live only in seldom moments, when they begin to feel energy and it happens during outings, drinking-bouts, under potent influence, when a strong going out of energy occurs and people feel it. All entertainments of people are directed to the feeling of energy, the catching the present. For example, if you are drunk, you feel strong energy in your body, pleasant feelings, you live at present, “after” does not agitate you, that’s why people drink, use drugs, they don’t know how to stop time. The whole mankind lives, meaning to “after”, and postponing all for tomorrow, so the life goes by. For example, communism. It was an idea, intending to the fact, that some time “after” everybody will live in communism but for that it is necessary to work and exist now, but later out children in return… It applies equally to religions: people cherish hopes for real life in paradise and at present, it turns out, they live unreal life. The whole external consciousness of people, based on intellect, seeks to future life somewhere there, behind the horizon. At first you study to use your knowledge later, you live for future, but it may be, that you would not live till that “after”. Then you work for good living “after”, for having everything as all people have: flat, car and so on… You bring up your children, feed them, learn to live, worry about their future. Besides, you, between times, expect holiday, salary, rest-days, in general, you do all for not living “at present”. In the end, long-awaited pension approaches, some five years remain; you live till it in order to live “after”… But later will be the same "after". You look back and wonder, how quick your life passed, fifty years mean twenty five and twenty five, a twenty five more and it’s time to die. You can catch the present, if you have energy, as energy and consciousness are interchangeable, if you feel energy, you feel it “at present”, but not "after". For instance, if you have a pain, you feel it “at present”, it returns you from "after" into the present. But in this case you may live "after", but not always, indeed.

There is no point in thinking of what a soul means, it does not yield any results except of satisfaction for your intellect, it is more important to know by experience, even if you would not know, that it was soul - you have experienced it, felt it, and you realized it. If you know it by your own experience, you may, if you want, distribute it, mentalize, but it would not add anything to your feelings, if you try to explain everything by means of your intellect, you can lose the whole charm of life and the contact with energy. You may use your intellect for expression your emotions, feelings, but the intellect should be used only as an instrument, it is not to meddle in your life and make it scanty. For example, I use my intellect for expression my feelings, to be precise, it is even useless in this case, all occurs automatic, but if I am going to teach you, say, meditating, I analyze my feelings, ideas and mentalize my knowledge by means of my intellect to bring it home to you; if we associate telepathically, we may not need it, telepathy can manage without intellect.

But we imagine by means of intellect all the same.

No, we don’t imagine by means of intellect. Images are created in vital plan, in vital intellect, if you want. That is figure thinking. It is considered, that animals have undeveloped intellect, but you would not say, that they are unable to create images - they think figuratively; yes, they cannot distribute their consciousness, but thy remember, dream, have dreams. The intellect is an instrument of expression, analyze, regulation of information like in computer, where information is distributed in folders and catalogues. By means of intellect you can analyze information and draw some conclusions, appropriateness, but you would not experience all this, your consciousness will be perfunctory, not from within, but from outside. If you accumulate mental knowledge, you will be scientist, as you have studied and memorized all this. Earlier the word “scientist” was insulting one - scientists were people, who had learnt, but hadn’t known, and there were wise men, who had known all that knowledge by their experience, in meditations, in life; scientist simply gathered that knowledge, they performed their functions, but their erudition was never respected compared with wisdom, achieved by their own experience.

Therefore it is of no importance, if you know, what a soul is, you cannot even know this word, but this lack of knowledge would not influence your feelings, if your soul is shown outside. You need using the intellect as an useful instrument, which is not to live its own life and take away the energy, but just the very things happen to people: the intellect in always in motion like a worn out plate, it does not matter for it - to think of something or to hear the same melody the whole day. Imagine, that an instrument begins its own life, for example, pliers or suitcase, like in the film “Well, wait a moment!” What will come of it? Children are crammed with various information in the school and they are not teached how to use the intellect, so it turns out, that grown men cannot distinctly state their thoughts and analyze. When I reflected on the fact, how to pass on my experience to you, I did not use my intellect, it was most likely intuitive mind, without words and analysis, I simply looked at my knowledge and gradually it has occurred to me how to explain it you, later, by means of my intellect I sorted out most suitable words to be expressed. In case with Victoria all happened telepathically, we were sitting face to face, I helped her to be in the mood, using some explanations, and she began to feel the same like me, at once, without unnecessary efforts, so that my meditation became even more productive thanks to unification of energies.

In the case with Natalia Vasilyevna I explained her, how to feel the infinite plane above her head, as soon as I passed my hands, imaging her, she felt it at once, after that she felt infinity above her head during three days. The intellect should be your assistant, helping you to be in the proper mood, but after that you must leave it in peace.

A man takes pleasure in energy, he takes pleasure “at present”, he feels energy “at present”, even if he dreams of future, he feels energy from his dream “at present”, and therefore he enjoys dreaming. But in most cases the life escapes people, as they have weak energy, weak consciousness, but if you ho in energy of soul or immobility, or in any other strong energy, you will feel every instant, filled to overflowing, you will live life in the right way.

Many people admit, that they live wrongly, but they don’t try to change their life, saying, that everyone has his own fate and way. One of my acquaintances, even engaging in Yoga and reading esoteric literature, announced, that it is still late to meditate - in next life, maybe, she will concern herself more serious with it. But you will have another body in your next life, another intellect, and another education. Is there a chance for a man to encounter this doctrine in his next life? If a man doesn’t take any decisive steps towards his self-perfection, the conditions in next life would be, perhaps, some more unfavorable. In next life you will have only your soul, and if you don’t direct the vector of your soul to self-realizing, self-perfection, you will act just exactly in your next life. Look, how many families round: where is their consciousness directed to, what kind of education can they give their children? So, if you don’t develop in this life, even having met the True, such condition could be given next time in twenty, hundred or thousand lives.

And what to do now?

You have to make your choice in this life. But it should not be a pastime, hobby; it should be deliberate inward need. If you engage in Yoga for the sake of pleasure, new impressions, health, in your next life you will go in for sport equally well, delta gilding, travels - everything, producing unusual impressions, what allows to feel scope and outside freedom. If you seek with soul to the God, realize your real destination and follow it, in next life, whatever education you have, you will come to soul, to the God, to continuation of your evolution. It is of no importance, are you engaged in Yoga, go to church or are you occupied with your self-realizing without assistance, the main aspiration for you, the vector of your soul is where you go to. If you don’t put off next life, you will develop. You have to live “at present”, develop also “at present”, not “after”.


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