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What is to begin with?

Before starting to practice of Integral Yoga, let us consider some preparatory exercises, which are not necessary in the integral Yoga, but are more light and preparatory because of the necessity to make more physical efforts, but not mental. These exercises develop concentration, put the mind energy and body in order.

Fulfilling these preparatory yogical practices, you could find good health, cheerfulness, strong concentration, prepare your consciousness and body for more complicated meditations and also carry our some mystical tests, develop energy sensitiveness and sight, will-power.


The physical body.

The physical body is the base of our creature in this world, the receptacle of spirit and life. Any illness or weakness of physical constitution, weakening the organism, have an influence on the will power, exhaust the vitality. In a weak, sick body it is difficult to keep a strong spirit, therefore as the saying is “through perfect body to perfect spirit”. Of course, it should not develop and perfect the body for the sake of itself. But physical exercises are necessary to strengthen the vitality to put the body in order and to bend the body to the will. Our efforts should be directed to the harmonious development of every organ and muscle, every cell and part of our body.

First of all, it is necessary to put the nourishment in order. Take into account, that the fasting and the overeating as well are inadmissible. The fasting leads to strengthening of vital desires, awakening of greediness and weakening of vitality. The overeating takes away much energy, blocks up the organism. The food should not be fat and heavy for the stomach; the vegetarian diet is not min dispensable condition.

To maintain the organism in good condition it is necessary to keep the skin in cleanness, as skin breathing and circulation of vitality occur through it. It is recommended to have hot bath (not more than 5 minutes), after that cold shower bath. Hot water promotes opening of pores, broadening energy channels and also absorption of dirty energy. Feeling of discomfort, weakness, headache after being in crowded places indicate the obstruction of energy channels with dirty energy. Hot water takes the bad energy away and cleans channels, moreover it also takes your vitality away, and therefore you feel yourself weak after prolonged bath. So it is recommended to have hot bath for you head only and you can throw hot water on your body or have bath not more than five minutes. Shower bath with cold water promotes shutting up of pores, narrowing of energy channels and raising of general vitality of the organism. Of great importance is shower bath with cold water after hot bath, because your energy, being increased and cleaned, becomes vulnerable for bad energy from without (energy channels are widened and opened, they start to absorb the energy around us and it, as a rule, is far to be perfect, especially in the street or in the public place).

You need daylight too. Sunshines are the best mean to support good spirits and to get rid of the dejection. You can have sunbath, when the sun is above the horizon, generally accepted baking in the sun is unhealthy for your energy, as it destroys the stability of energy and overheats your organism. It is also useful to have air bath. With that end in view you need undress to perform physical exercises and in everyday life you need wear loose clothes, promoting the circulating of air.

Physical exercises and sports strengthen the body; promote circulation of energy and improvement of metabolism and secretor functions. It is worth to mark out eastern single combat in this case. Striking blows with the concentration promote cleaning of energy channels and increasing of energy capacity of the organism.

Physical exercises.

Exercise 1. Open your palms and part your fingers. Slowly, with effort clench your hands (about seven seconds). The thumb should be over the fist and press to other fingers on the inside of the palm. Then, not relaxing efforts, start to unclench fingers with the same speed. Having straightened your fingers strain them strongly, then enfeeble them. At first perform this exercise three times, gradually leading them to ten.

Exercise 2. Open your palms and part your fingers. Clench your hands with maximum speed. Then just as sharply unclench your fingers. Performing this exercise, try not to move your hands, use muscles of fingers and palms only.

Exercise 3. Stand straight. Stretch your hands aside at the level of shoulders. Turn your palms against each other and start to bring them together wit His efforts, as if you press a spring. Shortening the distance, strengthen the pressure. Having brought your palms together, keep maximum pressure during five - ten seconds. Then weaken yourself.

Keeping on the same condition, part your bent hands aside, bring your palms outside at the level of the neck. Start to clench your hands, as if you push heaviness away. Having straightened your hands, strain them during five - ten seconds, keep palms vertical. Then put your hands down and weaken them. Perform this exercise three - ten times.

Exercise 4. Clench your hands at the level of the waist, remove your elbows back, and press your fists to flanks. Start to straighten your hands forward slowly on exhalation and with efforts, while your forearms should be parallel. At the beginning of movement your fists should be pressed to your body with edges of your palms and with back of hands down. When your elbows touch your flanks, start to turn slowly your fists inside of 180 degrees for the back of hands should look over when the movement comes to an end. Having straightened your hands, start to pull them the other way, taking a breath and making every effort, unclenching your hands at the same time. Weaken yourself without lowering hands. Perform this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5. The posture of body and hands is like in the previous exercise. Put your legs by two widths of shoulders. Bend them. The shin should be perpendicularly to the floor, steps - parallel each other. Move the pelvis a little forward. Sharply throw out your hands towards on exhalation. Having straightened your hands, sharply stop and strain them. On throwing them out your fists should be strained and hands weakened. Weaken yourself, keeping your hands straightened. Sharply jerk you hands back on exhalation. Weaken yourself. Don’t forget to move your fists correct, when you throw your hands out and back (turning 180 degrees).

Exercise 6. Hold on the back of the chair. Start to squat quickly. Keep your head and body at the same level (when you unbend your legs, the body should be in horizontal posture). Perform squatting with maximum speed. After twenty squatting, straighten and weaken yourself. Move the weight of your body to the front part of steps, tear heels somewhat from the floor. Close your eyes and keep standing, watching internal energy.

Exercise 7. Squeezing in rest in lying posture. This exercise is familiar to everyone. Women have to squeeze not less 10 times, men - not less 20 times.

All physical exercises should be performed till you get somewhat tired without overload yourself. Reiterations should be performed gradually.

The control of muscles of the body.

Performing above-named exercises, you will strengthen you muscles and learn to bend to your will. But complete submission you may achieve, piching out and straining individual muscle without moving of the body. At first master the exercise similar stretching yourself after waking up. It is a very useful exercise, helping to rid of the stagnation of energy in the body and raising it at a more higher level. Try and remember, hoe domestic animals stretch itselves after waking up. They strain muscles of the whole body, stretching with delight. People think, that it is indecent or simply forget the use of stretching, but it is a natural state of organism, normalizing the energy and driving energy blockage, causing plenty of illnesses.

Stretching. Stand before any support (corner, wall, wash-bowl in the bathroom). Stand on tip-toe and strain your steps. Strain muscles of the shin, then knees. You ought to strain your muscles upwards, causing the increase of energy. Strain your thighs and buttooks. Saging, strain muscles of your back and hands, raising the wave of straining upwards. Strain the whole body, directing the current of energy upwards. Then weaken yourself. The energy is raising to your head, which can begin to swim, hence you need a support. The force of straining of muscles and the force of stretching you may select yourself. Perform this exercise some times and you will feel cheerfulness and burst of energy. If you often feel tired, then perform this exercise some times a day, not allowing to stagnate the energy. This exercise should be performed on breath.

The following exercise should be performed in sitting or reclining position. Weaken yourself. Try to strain individual muscle without moving your body and adjacent muscles. There is no need to strain muscles strongly, the main thing is to learn controlling a muscle each taken separately. Begin with legs, gradually training every muscle, now staining, now weakening it. Train all muscles, including muscles of your face and head (try to move your ears and scalp, make faces). Take under control of your will the whole body.

Results of these exercises:

  1. Cause raising of energy and excitement and is an excellent means for flabbiness, depression and bad spirits.
  2. Release much vitality, destroying energy blockage and obstruction in channels.
  3. Take under control of will all muscular system, make muscles strong as “iron”, a man becomes a master of his body in literal sense of the word.



Weakening. Most people, as a rule, cannot weaken. The man loses much energy because of constant straining, therefore it is important to learn controlling of weakening of muscles of the body and nerves. Many people know the state of nervousness: someone nibbles a pencil, another one knocks with his fingers or shakes his leg. All this indicates the inability to control one’s energy and to weaken. The uncontrolled escape of energy is absolutely inadmissible, so the ability to weaken is the most important part of Yoga exercises.

This exercise is called Shavasana (the posture of a dead man):

Lie down on the floor or other hard surface with the face upwards. Part your legs wider than your shoulders, stretch your arms at a short distance from the body. Weaken yourself. Close your eyes and concentrate on internal feelings. If you are unable to weaken yourself, strain your whole body during five seconds, then weaken sharp. You may move a little the part of the body, which is strained.

Slowly start to weaken every part of your body. Fingers step of left foot, then right foot, ankles, shin of leg, then of other leg. Don’t be in a hurry, try to feel keeply every centimeter of your body. Slowly raise the wave of weakening upwards, overcoming from muscles to articulates. Don’t keep any part of your body in strained state. You must be completely weakened, traveling across your body with the help of your internal look only, with the help of your consciousness only. Turn the wave of weakening from feet to heart and further upwards. There shouldn’t keep straining either in the body or in the consciousness, give up all problems and fears of your life. Having reached your neck, go over to the back of the head, advancing the crown. Then weaken your forehead and go over to your face. Not a single muscle should keep in strain. Dissolve yourself in weakness and keep in this condition as long as possible. If you couldn’t completely weaken first time, then repeat all from the beginning. In complete weakness a man stops to feel his body, as if being in hanging condition. But if you have a developed energy sensitiveness, then you may feel the rumble and vibration in the whole body, that is a very good sign, indicating a strong energy. True, you should distinguish the vibration of tiredness from the vibration of filling energy. You should achieve complete relaxation, dissolve you tiredness.

You should perform this exercise on nervous and physical tiredness and before going to bed. Performing it, you would feel different mystical tests without any difficulty, learn to realize yourself in your sleep.



Respiratory exercises in Yoga are called pranayama, as they allow to rule and collect the prana - vital energy. Our health, mood, life-span and also functioning of all organs and feelings.

The respiration is the most important source of energy in organism. While a man can exist a month without food, some days without water, then an ordinary man would perish in some minutes without air.

The up-to-date man forgot how to breathe rightly, he uses lungs as a rubbish heap, inhaling dirty air of towns, exhaust steams of cars, smoking cigarettes. The respiration itself is chaotic and incorrectly. People gasp and perfunctorily, not using the most part of lungs.

Consider various types of respiration:

  1. pectoral
  2. lateral
  3. abdominal
  4. complete

  1. The abdominal respiration occurs by means of swelling of stomach and sinking of the diafragm, here is functionated the lower part of lungs.
  2. The lateral respiration fulfils a small part of lungs by means of widening of sides.
  3. The pectoral respiration occurs by means of raising of the thorax.

You need master all three kinds of respiration. After mastering those kinds of respiration you may set to the fourth one - the complete respiration, which units three previous kinds of respiration.


Sit down comfortably. Deep your back straight, without straining. Weaken yourself. Breathe air out and start to inhale air slowly and smoothly. Inhale with the help of the stomach (the abdominal respiration), then widen your ribs (the lateral respiration) and, at last, inhale with the whole pectoral (the pectoral respiration).

Every kind of respiration should smoothly be set to the next kind of respiration, you ought not to stop or to breath by jerks. The abdominal respiration should last four seconds, the lateral respiration - two seconds and the pectoral respiration - six seconds. The duration of breath may be increased, keeping proportions.

After the breath start to breathe out slowly in the same way, that is at first to breathe out with the stomach, then to narrow your sides and, finally, to sink the pectoral. The duration of exhalation and proportions should be the same as at the breath.

It will be pointed out the importance of the smooth breathing. There should be no jerks and sharp stops. The breath should smoothly be set to the stop of respiration, then smoothly be set to the exhalation. As far as one advanced the complete respiration he may prolong the breath and exhalation.

Perform this exercise two - three times a day in the first three days during five minutes, next three days during ten minutes. After that set to the rhythmical breathing.


It should be performed as complete respiration as well, but with increasing of duration of delays of breathing. Phases of breath, delay and exhalation should be identical in duration. Begin with the duration of the breath, equal ten seconds. The complete cycle should account thirty seconds. After exhalation don’t hurry to breathe at once, at first weaken yourself and, when you would have a wish to breathe, start to breath smoothly.

Perform this exercise two times a day: in the morning and in the evening. Especially useful are evening pranayamas. The duration of the exercise should be not less than twenty minutes in succession, only after that you could feel changes in your state. Follow your exercises being performed smoothly, without excessive straining, convulsive contractions and jerks. Don’t stopping exercises, gradually prolonging pranayamas and cycle of breathing.

The pranayama with rhythmical respiration gives you a chance to cure of many illnesses, rejuvenate your organism, become happy. All people, performing such pranayamas, feel burst of energy, weightlessness of their body and begin to shine from within. You experience feeling, as if you live in cloud-land.


Pranayama 1. It is performed sitting, accurately corresponding with rhythmical breathing. Close your eyes. While breathing, imagine, that the air, you inhaling, is shining. Imagine, how it slowly fills your lungs. If your breath holds attract attention to a shining cloud, which curls in your breast. Breathing air out, imagine, that the cloud slowly comes out into the open. Try to feel, that the air comes in you, that the energy accumulates in your breast and that the air comes out into the open. Feel the way, the air passes through.

Pranayama 2 (the respiratory meditation).

Take initial posture. Close your eyes. Start to breathe, imaging the prana coming through a large funnel, going into the endlessness, into interbrow (adjna chakra), passing the head and going into back of the head. When you let the energy through your head, concentrate it in the channel not more than five centimeters in diameter. Not allow touching your ears with energy. Accumulate energy in back of the head in form of a ball ten centimeters in diameter. At delaying of respiration concentrate yourself on that ball. Breathing out, direct energy as a thin current down through the spine into the coccyx (muladhara chakra). See if you can sense every centimeter of the spine, the energy has passed. Concentrate energy in the coccyx.

Take the next breath, imaging, that air is coming into a large funnel, going into the endlessness before you, in your coccyx (the funnel at the level of muladhara chakra). At the delay of breathing concentrate yourself on the energy of the coccyx. Breathing out, direct the prana upwards through the spine in the region of top of the head, accumulating energy in sahasrara chakra. Next inhalation - exhalations should take turns between each other.

Master this pranayama and perform it during some months two times a day: thirty minutes in the morning and forty-five minutes in the evening. With the help of it you could clean and widen central energy channel sushumna, which is in the spinal column, get rid of various illnesses, find strong energy, calm, pacification and also carry out diverse mystical tests, develop energy sensitiveness.

Pranayama 3 (respiratory meditation).

Take sitting posture (like previous pranayamas). Close your eyes. Having breathed out, start to inhale. Imagine a large funnel, going into the endlessness, above your head. The base of the funnel is set against the back of the head and is gone down through the spine into coccyx. While inhalating, direct the energy down through the spine into muladhara chakra. Imagine and feel, that world energy smoothly flows into your funnel above your head. Take the breath as thin as possible to feel the current of the energy. At the delay of breathing concentrate yourself on the coccyx, trying to feel as distinct as possible the energy in it. While breathing out direct the current of energy upwards, through the spine into sahasrara chakra.

The time, after which you can get good results from these pranayamas, depends directly on the duration and regularity of training. Performing respiratory meditation during some hours in succession, you could get results of practicing during some months.

You may take turns pranayamas 2 and 3. For example: twenty minutes pranayama 2, then twenty minutes pranayama 3. However, you shouldn’t pause very often. If you are going to take turns pranayamas, then perform one pranayama a half of time and other pranayama the second half of time. Don’t forget, that each pranayama should last not less than twenty minutes.

The great psychical breathing of yogis.

This is one of the most effective exercises, yielding rapid results. It can be performed after mastering rhythmical breathing.

Lie down. Strike an attitude of shavasana. Perform complete relaxation. Start to inhale air, imaging, that you inhale it through your skin with your whole body. The air is gone through your skin on every side: from below, from above, from each side, through the whole surface of your body, through all pores. You should inhale maximum slowly, for you could feel airflow, going through your skin, muscles, bones. Accumulate the air in your body, when you delay the breathing. Don’t keep the air for a long time. Breathing out, imagine, that air is going out from the center of your body, bones. Try to sense its passage as more realistic as possible. Imagine, that going out of your body, the air is spreading in the universe, merging with the world energy together.

If you perform this exercise correct, you would feel vibration in the whole body still in some exhalations, vital energy and merging with the universe. You can rapidly restore and strengthen energy and get rid of the tiredness with the help of this breathing.

Respiratory exercises are very useful for strengthening of organism, deliverance from many illnesses, development of energy. Pranayamas are used in many yogas for setting of a prana, cleaning of organism, awakening of mystical power Kundalini. Practicing respiratory meditations, you could be able to develop your will-power, strengthen concentration and near recognizing your true “I”. But don’t forget, that the efficiency of those pranayamas depend on duration of inhalation and exhalation. The more smooth and thin inhalation, the stronger your feelings are in he mood for the perception of thin vibrations, perception of energy. As soon as you feel, that you inhalate not the air, but the energy, your pranayama would find a qualitatively new importance. Remain in this energy, continuing the pranayama, and you could go in the thin world, feel your spiritual essence. It is impossible to describe those emotional experiences, but I assure you, that it is the most beautiful feeling you have ever experienced in your life.

The concentration.

Most people, as a rule, have weak will. A few people can boast, that they constantly achieve set objects. Still after first failures on the way to the object most people lose heart, they miss former enthusiasm and, as a result, they refuse to be interested in achieving their object. The will and the concentration are inseparably linked with each other. For achieving an object we must use the will- power and conceive a wish to achieve our object since we used the will to achieve our object, we must constantly concentrate it in the given direction. But so far as most people have no will then they have no concentration too. The concentration of attention is a volitional act therefore the strengthening of concentration leads to the strengthening of will and the strengthening of will leads to strong concentration.

It is said, that the man is master of the nature. But our internal nature is the most unstudied part of the universe. But in the final analysis, the mankind always was and will be plaything in hands of the elemental force - both inside and outside. If we speak about the man as the master of nature, then, what he has really done to assert it? We are even unable to forecast the weather for tomorrow, especially to change weather conditions or climate (in a bad sense, true, it still turned out well, but we call it thriftlessness), or to control our emotions. The man himself creates new troubles for his existence all the time and then struggles himself against them. The concentration of will-power would help you to seize your own nature and later outside nature too, because all in the world is interdepended.

If you practice rhythmical breathing and pranayamas, then it testifies a normal development of concentration and will-power. But you should not overestimate the fact, that you find an hour a day in duration of a whole month or more for your training. Will-power begins to became apparent, when you come across outside or inside troubles for a long period of time. For sure, you thirst for quick results of your training, but after you haven’t achieved any results for a long period of time or, having achieved, you seem to fail again, after you experience inner contradictions and conceive a wish to get rid of all, after all this your will-power and purposefulness become apparent. The inability to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time - is a natural state of a man, our intellect, our consciousness are unregulated and are constantly in chaotic movement, so the strengthening of will-power and concentration should be the first victory on the way of seizing of elemental force.


This exercise is the most simple and efficient in regulating of motions of the inner nature and strengthening of concentration.

It consists of continuous and unwinking look at one point. One can conclude the description of present exercise, but a lot of books are written with the purpose of inspiring of people by carrying out of some actions or else a few people only should set about yogical practice after reading the book in the spirit of famous “Yoga - sutra” of Patanjali, having room of some pages. The whole idea of the book, you are reading now, could have room of some sentences: “The death is inevitably. Is it worth to spend precious life on searching of delusive pleasures and aims, while there are all spiritual wealth of the world is inside of us and while we are incarnation of endlessness and eternity. The only aim, we have to aspire to, is merging with our eternal source, to which we would come back after all. With that end in view it is necessary to give up all layers of false “I”, to force on silence of the intellect, to stop all losses of energy, to merge with the divine strength and allow it to act”.

And nevertheless return to the persistent look. Eyes are mirror of soul. Our eyes are the most mobile part of the body. They are always on the move. Till our intellect and soul know rest, it shouldn’t be possible to rest our gaze on anything. But all is interdepended in the man, so, resting our gaze, we stop the move of the soul. It should be noted, that the resting of the look needs concentration our attention and will-power. As soon as we draw our attention away, the look becomes chaotic and wandering or, at the best, we begin to wink.

Thus, sit down comfortably for nothing could distract you. Find a point on the wall at some meters’ distance or look at your reflection on the mirror (the mirror should be not less than two meters from your eyes). If you look at the mirror, then look at your right or left eye in the reflection or between eyebrows. Weaken yourself. Try not to wink.

At first it will be difficult for you to concentrate on one point, moreover not to wink. To begin with concentrate on the immobility of your look, allowing seldom winking. The look would constantly wander, but you persistently return it to previous point. In ten minutes you would learn to fix your look on one point during some minutes, all depends on your purposefulness. After that begin to perfect the look without winking. You need some days for it. Your success in this exercise depends on the regularity of training and their duration. If you practice 30 minutes a day, then you can lead your unwinking look to ten minutes. It will be not complicated.

Many people could worry about drying up of their eyes. Really, at first it would cause unpleasant feelings, eyes quickly dry up, then they fill with tears or they begin to wink. But gradually these feelings will pass and your eyes constantly keep moist, from time to time appear a little tears, what will fully prevent from drying up without winking.

The main things in trataka are visual and lighting effects and also the state of meditation and immovable energy, descending on you. If you look in one point for a long time, then the space around you starts to shine, you may observe diverse articles and animals and later you would see the vibration of universe as well. If you look at your reflection, then it starts to change and you could even see your former incarnations. The consciousness stops to function, you are cloaked in energy of immobility and you go in the state of meditation. It should be noticed, that after fixation of the look the focusing could involuntary change, that does not matter, the main thing is to concentrate the look on one direction and not to wink. Gradually the immobility of your look would seize your consciousness and the whole your body, after that will begin all above-named mystical tests.

If you will correctly and persistently practice the trataka, then you could spontaneously near the main meditation, you are going to practice. The observing motions of eyes corresponds to mastering motions of intellect, in a simple version. After trataka we could go over to the meditation of silence of intellect, but we consider some more aspects of spiritual practicing.




Supernatural powers and spiritual practice

The man is an intellectual animal by nature and he yields to other animals on his abilities in many respects. It is believed, that animals are perfect in their way, as they are ideal adapted to the environment, to getting their living, to severe conditions of life. The man possesses more flexible physical system, able to adapt to the changing environment, but he yields to animals on his specialization: he has not teeth like the teeth of animals, no claws, he is not crafty enough in tree-climbing, his body is bare and he is susceptible to the cold. If the man finds himself alone in the nature, then he would most likely perish. But we still know, that the object of evolution is not physical development and even not mental development, as the intellect, after all, is limited, you could be cleverer as you are. We also know, that the possesses not only his physical body, inner life and intellect. There is a huge universe of life in the thin plan, mental universe and physical universe as well. Existing in the physical world, we can observe the endless universe of substance, but if we develop energy sensitiveness and vision, then we could master the thin universe of life and universe of light.

It is believed, that in our physical world predominate grob vibrations, in astral world predominate more thin vibration of sound, in causal world - vibration of light. Our feeling organs are constantly disposed to grob vibrations, so we recognize the material world only, and if we attempt to feel not physical touchings and motions, but thin motions of energy in ourselves and around us, then it turns out to be simple enough, most of people master it during some days. There are also energy centers in our body, which are directly connected with nerve centers, centers of energy activity, such as coccyx, genitals, stomach, throat, brain, articulations in extremities, spine. It is believed, that these energy centers are sources of special forces and energies, a way out into corresponding worlds and measurements. You may develop these centers and open them to make assessable for universal strength of nature and to use it. The man, developing such abilities, expands his potentialities, he is still able to exist not only in material world, but also in more thin worlds, he is even able to be in this physical world at the same time and to be under the influence and be impressed with the help of more thin plans. He is able to seize unbelievable potentialities not only in thin worlds, but also use them in everyday life.

There are esoteric doctrines, specializing in development of such super-abilities. With the help of Kundalini - Yoga you can master these worlds and their powers. But it is a very perilous way for most people. If you awaken Kundalini, then you could injure your intellect, as your consciousness could at once get into other measuring, not being ready for it. Many people, being ill with schizophrenia, as a matter of fact, see astral worlds or hear voices of creatures of these worlds, but they are unable to distinguish the real world from the thin one, because they have a poor consciousness. Many people, performing Hatha - Yoga, open the third eye and give up the Yoga, as they begin to suffer from visions and suggestions. What is going on in this case? First, performing Yoga, you need constantly raise your spiritual standard and increase energy potential. If the spiritual standard of a man, who has had access to thin worlds, is keeping at the standard of an ordinary person, then he sees the thin world from his standard. He will see the ghosts and the deads, diverse astral vampires, he will hear voices of these creatures, their suggestions. If he starts to feel the energy of people, hear their thoughts and emotions and he himself keeps at the previous standard, then he feels, that he goes mad, he wants to close his ears, but it leads to nothing. He keeps unprotected. He wants to return to the usual human state. If a man has strong consciousness and energy, leads an irreproachable spiritual way of life, then such troubles don’t threaten him. Such a man will see gods, hear divine music, travel on the heaven…

Imagine, that you decided to achieve divine self-consciousness with the help of Kundalini - Yoga. First, if you have not awakened it in your former lives, then it would take, maybe, much time, about five - seven years, till you meet an enlightened teacher, practicing Kundalini -Yoga (but it is hardly probable). Provided you have awakened it, then it, in most cases, occurs very grob and badly. After that starts energy cleaning: you will develop a temperature till forty degrees, what your weak body could not bear, it may last some days, sometimes you would feel cold however warmly you dress, and it is the very outset. Almost all people believe, that the awakening of Kundalini is the main thing, but it is the beginning only, you have awakened the energy only with the help of which you may open chakras and develop mystical abilities, and how it to be done, nobody knows. There are, of course, writings and special literature, but most people have no access to it, and what is to purchase in bookshops is no good at all. So a practicing man starts to experiment with this power at his risk, but don’t trifle with Kundalini. All spiritual mentors warn practicing persons against performing Kundalini without an experienced mentor.

So, you have awakened Kundalini and start to clean your chakras with the help of this Yoga. For this purpose you need lead Kundalini to sahasrara chakra above your head, then you need perform the meditation of descending of divine nectar, which fills all chakras from top to bottom. You have to do it many times in a circle during five - six hours in succession every day (if you are going to get good results), during some months. During this meditation you clean chakras, open them and have access to diverse worlds. After that you perform various exercises, separately for each chakra to achieve their compete development, it could take much time, if you fully devote yourself to this practice. Developing each chakra to perfection, you gain stable mystical abilities, seize powerful energy, the ability to go in thin worlds of your own accord or to show your worth in this world in thin bodies. You become a superman, mystic, magician. But you still have a sensation of being a man in your consciousness, but radical changes have not come about. During meditation, upon influence of energy power you could imagine yourself a god, your consciousness is changed, but in everyday life you return to the human consciousness, you possess a strong energy, stable consciousness, delicate sensitiveness, but you lost the consciousness, you gained in meditation. In order to retain it you need go into nirvakalpa - samadhi, but it is difficult to retain it in the case you part your life and meditation.

You may also open chakras and mystical abilities without Kundalini, in any case it would be dangerous, if your energy has not been cleaned and you have a weak consciousness. your desires, affections, fears are pollutions in the spiritual world, you have to get rid of them. Your consciousness should progress and grow simultaneously with energy and occult powers. Therefore it is very dangerous, when occult abilities are opened at once without preliminary preparation, it could break a man down and crush him. Firstly you need prepare your body, consciousness to take this power or your body could be destroyed and consciousness not bear it. But, fortunately, occult powers don’t cone easily to anybody, you need gain them thanks to tenacious efforts and while a man is spiritually developed, his power and receptivity are also increased. In the end you gain occult powers and recognize, that it is not the object of spiritual development, that you are still a man, maybe, a superman, but a man for all that, then you recognize, that it does not matter. But, as a rule, only a few people come to such a conclusion, most of people get stuck on mystical powers, are seized by them and don’t want to get rid of them, as a result they could stop their spiritual development and should use their might for mercenary ends or indulge in their desires, in other words, they are faced with complete spiritual lapse, sinking to a lower level in comparison with the level you have begun with.

The aim of Yoga is the development of consciousness from the human one to the divine one. Developing mystical abilities, you assume power and overstop the limits of your universe, but it has nothing to do with the interference of the God. You need not occult powers to realize the divine consciousness, you need not open chakras, naturally, when you realize the divine consciousness, your chakras are opened, you assume occult powers, in spite of all this you don’t specially look for them, it occurs spontaneously, and if it does not occur, then you ignore them. Some religions attribute occult powers to devilish ones and it is really so in the sense, that people aspire to mystical abilities instead of aspiring to the God, or are drawn into occult worlds and forget their object. One can compare it with two ways to the God: one of them is strewed with jewelry and beauty things, the other one is more simple and leads straight to the God. If you follow the beauty path, then you may look at every jewel for hours, examine it and learn to handle it, you may, in general, leave the road half-way and turn aside, delving deeply into fields of beauty things, you can roam there for a long time, but we should not bring our object nearer - to the God. One can lose his way in the forest an all, in the forest, strewed with flowers, and forget the way back, and such things happen rather often. If we go straight, then we come to the God at once, stay with him some time, get to know him in full, then we gain all worlds and mystical abilities, if we want to have it, but all this belongs to the God and wee became a single whole with him. After that we, if we want, learn to use these abilities, get to know occult worlds or remain with the God and don’t want to leave him for the sake of his realm, for the sake of gaining of mystical abilities. If occult abilities showed, then we assume them, but we don’t abuse it, if these abilities don’t show, then we don’t want to use them. The man, having achieved the realization of the God, is still not a man in the true sense of the word. He didn’t retain any desires, except of the wish to be with God, to serve him, to carry out the task, entrusted to him by the God; such a man is not more a solitary person and becomes bearer of divine will. There is a danger to take into consideration: if a human ego has been destroyed unutterly, then, being in divine consciousness, a man can apprehend his previous fixed ideas and confound them with divine consciousness, glorify his ego up to divine dimensions, imagine himself to be the God. It is well known, that people, achieved highest realizations, went on following their previous fixed ideas, kept within the bounds of some religions or convictions. All means God. The Most High is above all religions, the only thing you need - merging with his consciousness and not try to act with the help of old methods of a solitary person, but perform divine work, being in the highest consciousness.

The method of Integral Yoga is the method of straight way to the God. There are three centers you may begin with. The first one might be as well to open, if you want to avoid dangers on your way, is anahata chakra or divine heart, the location of soul. The second one is in the head and the third one is sahasrara above your head. Opening anahata, you open your soul, gain the power of your soul, purity of your soul. That is the most easy and safe way to begin with, thanks to it you gain divine protection from strange suggestions and influences, you get to know divine love and compassion, you get to know the beauty of the whole world and gain the ability to delight the life. Concentrating in your head, you stop your thoughts, take under control your nature, destroy information in your subconsciousness, destroy your karma. Further, opening sahasrara above your head, you go into universal endlessness of time and space, you gain transcendent consciousness, broaden your soul, you recognize the eternity of the universe, recognize, that you have never been born and never would die, you become endless universe, you become endless time, you feel the unity of all essence, you merge with this unity, identifying yourself with it. Opening sahasrara, you become immortal. It is not worth to try opening other chakras before this moment.

In the beginning it is enough to open anahata and sahasrara. Anahata chakra is the location of our soul and sahasrara chakra is the location of pure transcendent spirit. Having opened these chakras, you go into identical World, gain the divine consciousness.

If we simplify the structure of consciousness, then it will look in the following way. Let us consider a pure transcendent spirit as a true ego (contrary to a false ego), then the difference will be an individual part of spirit, that is soul. These are parts, we have to unite with to achieve the release, for this purpose we need get rid of outward strata, stop to identify ourselves with the form - appearance, that is with the body, stop to identify ourselves with our feelings of the world around, get rid of all notions and fixed ideas, destroy experiences, formed in this world, in present and previous lives. In other words, it is necessary to unite with our source, and, if we want, we may destroy the difference too.

Let us consider the same inverse. What the consciousness gives us is a particle of divine spirit, this particle passes from a life to life in various worlds. There starts to form a conscious soul in the man, this soul is an individual evolutional particle, it gains experience in its regenerations, we also have an outward person, forming on the bases of gained experience in present material world, on the basis of this experience we form notions and fixed ideas. Moreover, we have feelings, organs of sense, we often identify ourselves with, and, at last, the form - appearance or our body we don’t imagine ourselves without it. In everyday life people identify themselves with all these strata, live in them. The only thing, necessary to achieve true consciousness is identification with it, having got rid of external covers. As a matter of fact it is not so easy to do.

In order to fulfill such a task you need completely change your internal life.









What is meditation? Some people say, that meditation is concentration on abstract ideas, others say, that meditation is opposite concentration, anyone could say, that it is impossible to meditate, it is possible to be in meditation, if you meditate, then it is not still meditation, one may also say, that meditation means complete unity with the object of concentration or meditation. One should not cling to words - everybody has an opinion of his own, it is necessary to know, what these words mean, what one is going to express. There a lot of levels of meditation: what your consciousness is concentrated on, what you live in - it is also a kind of meditation. If you have fallen in love, then you live for your love, delight in it, if you are angry, then all your consciousness is changed, for instance, if one is singing, then he goes into proper consciousness and emotions. All this could be named meditation. The controlling meditation is a conscious absorption in a proper level of consciousness, in a proper energy. To achieve this object, you need go into a proper state of consciousness and fix it. Meditation is a prolonged instant.

There are several staged of going into meditation:

    1. Estrangement from affections and passions
    2. Internal absorption and forming of internal consciousness
    3. Nonchalance to pleasures and personal arrogances
    4. Complete stopping of loss of energy

Estrangement from affections and passions. The human mind is in continuous movement, to give up all thoughts, preventing your consciousness - is the first task. Even if you give up thoughts, you keep internal emotions and fixed ideas, you need get rid of them too. If you have a notion about your feelings in meditation, about what you gain thanks to it, then you would feel just that, but you wouldn’t advance further till you give up your mind and emotions. Your aim is to stop all motions of soul.

Internal absorption and forming of internal consciousness. firstly it would rather difficult to stop all motions of soul, but gradually, making efforts and internal absorbing, there will form internal consciousness in your soul. After that you would be in this state just easy as in external consciousness, suffice it only to draw all feelings off external objects.

Nonchalance to pleasures and personal arrogances. After you have gone into meditation, you would experience unusual state of your consciousness, you may feel lightness in body, full of strength, joy or felicity: if these feelings would seize you, then your meditation could stop at this level and even end. Unruffied nonchalance - that is what you need, if you are going to widen the limits of your meditation. No notions, plans and doctrines, there is a time for everything, your task is to keep silence.

Complete stopping of loss of energy. Your task is to keep silence. Internal silence all energies of your creature should be directed to one channel. Single-direction. If you start to show interest for another things, then it means loss of energy. You have to devote yourself to the object of meditation.



There are four principles of the fulfillment of the intention in Buddhism. They could be suitable to any object, you want to achieve. We consider them to the spiritual release.

They are:

    1. Aspiration
    2. Concentration
    3. Tenacious efforts
    4. Analysis of the consciousness

Aspiration. In order to achieve the release, it is insufficient simply to say oneself about it or simply to wish, it should be the aspiration of your whole creature, you must live for it. All your consciousness should be directed to the object, you have set.

Concentration. You must concentrate on set object every minute of your existence if you achieve maximum concentration, then you would get good results. If you wouldn’t get proper results, then don’t forget, that your concentration is imperfect and you have to strengthen it.

Tenacious efforts. Performing meditative practice or practice, directing to serve the Most High, you should not get good results in the near future. Even if you don’t get good results over a long period of time, you shouldn’t give up tenacious efforts, but go on your practice with persistence in proper direction. If you are seized with sorrow and there are no results, then you must bend every effort to achieve your object.

Analysis of the consciousness. if you come across some difficulties, then you need analyze your consciousness: where did you commit an error, what do you do incorrectly? You must aspire to complete opening and self-devotion; unfortunately, many people are inclined to self-deception, to exaggerate their services and successes achieved.



Certainly, it is impossible to achieve the release in five minutes, but meditating every hour during five minutes, we are able to near it to a considerable extent. You need the mood only - five minutes meditations shouldn’t be the formality for you, you should be ready to give up all your problems and affairs for some five minutes in the beginning of every hour and completely devote yourself to meditation. Let your clock inform you about the beginning of every hour by the signal. It would be your watchword to go into the utmost meditation. It would seem to be the drudgery for you, these five minutes should be desired for you and you shouldn’t be in a hurry to leave the meditation, even if five minutes would be over, on the contrary, you should try to prolong this meditation and to do it constant. Little by little the quality of the meditation would improve and you would notice, that the calmness and peace, you have achieved after five minutes, should lengthen out for ten, twenty minutes, till the space of time between two five-minutes periods change into an uninterrupted meditation. After all, you will recognize, that the meditation is going on spontaneously without your efforts, it becomes your normal state. But even after that you must go on five-minutes meditations, constantly extending and exceeding its bounds.

The question arose: how much time will it take? After you would able to stop your thoughts and consciousness, you need go into the immobility not long than one week. And the more sincerely and selflessly you would meditate, the less time it would take. On the contrary, if you would meditate not in full measure, then periods of raising and falling of meditation could be delayed for a long time, but even in this case you would gain wide experience.



We often pine with idleness, we often try to find some kind of work. But as soon as we are going to meditate during five minutes, then right away appear tens of urgent matters. Unexpectedly we remember, that it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator, to phone friends or to purchase something. There will be a lot of reasons and impulses to do something. We attempt not to pay attention, refuse to think about something, but we conceive a wish, which seems to be met at once, moreover this wish doesn’t allow to concentrate on something, so it should be granted for we could get rid of it. Gradually we concentrate on our wish, it increases thus much, that, if the body were not weakened, we would jump up and run to fulfill the wish. We feel a strong impulse next to physical, this impulse incites us to set our body to motion. Stop! We were going to meditate for five minutes only, up to now we wasted much time for senseless actions and thoughts. So where do all these urgent matters come from, which, as a matter of fact, could not be done at all?

Subconsciousness. Subconsciousness, filled with habits, wishes, fixed ideas. Subconsciousness, which gives reciprocal reactions, rules our external consciousness, carrying all till automatism. We need not even fall in thinking in everyday life, all is worked through the automatism, if we were insulted, then we become angry, someone winked at us - there appears another impulse, we are charged with something - an automatic protective reaction snaps into action - we defend ourselves and then rush to the attack (“You are a bad man” - “Do you speak about yourself?”). Where is what we name “I”, where is our essence? We are not slaves, slaves are dumb. And we are dumb, we are slaves! We are ruled over affections, we are seized with them. Seizing with anger, sex, eating, love, pride, our abilities, mind, family, country, religion… Where is our “I” under strata of all this?

Let us attempt one more.

Five minutes - are a very short period of time, our life consists of these five-minutes and flies in the twinkling of an eye. But as soon we try to stop our consciousness, we take notice right away, that we are short of will-power to achieve maximum concentration during five minutes, it is too long for us we cannot wait till time would be over. If we all problems, then it is not difficult to stay in the internal calm, some thoughts could occur to us, but they shouldn’t be fixed enough. In some days of hourly practicing during five minutes you could notice, that thoughts and impulses do not occur during some minutes and it doesn’t lead to excessive strain or tiredness. Little by little you would catch such a state of the consciousness, in which the stopping of internal motions occurs naturally. Maybe, you should go in this state many times till yu keep in mind this processing and be able to provoke it of your own accord.

Now your task is to concentrate on this immovable consciousness and to intensify it depending on circumstances of life. Every minute of your life attempt to meditate on internal immobility.

If you will follow it, then there will accumulate enormous quantity of energy in your body. You will be able to notice the internal vibration, quiet one, but at the same time powerful, as if there begins to boil a volcano in your body. Or during meditations, if you will be sufficiently susceptible and slack, you can feel a descending current of energy, filling you up.

In order to feel this descending energy, you need weaken the part from the coccyx till the crown and let the energy in. some people are unable to do it practically, as their energy channels became obstructed, especially in the head, so they begin to feel headache and pressure from above. In this case you need have a head bath (to take a steam bath of the head).

When you went in energy, your internal motions stop, you may continue thinking and even experience emotions, but these thoughts and emotions shouldn’t be more obtrusive and all-absorbing, you become master of your nature and have a free hand to choose: to take this idea or to give it up, to use this emotion or sublimate its energy to more high one. Your intellect becomes an obedient instrument, your consciousness is cleared, you become king in your kingdom.

Having gone into the proper energy, its attractiveness can seize you and you will be in the seventh heaven. If it occurred, then keep at this stage and your advancement will stop or you may gradually come out of this energy and loss your level. People are inclined to the self-deception, so, having gone into a slight ecstasy or experienced immobility, they think, that they have achieved a high level or nirvana. Never rest on your laurels, gradually extend your meditation and remain in it in any situations of your life.



Having achieved stable peace, you may go over to the extension of the consciousness. weaken yourself utterly and begin to imagine, that you are growing. Your body increases to proper proportions, meter by meter, you may represent yourself as an energy ball, which first packs the room, you are in, then your hose, neighboring houses, streets… The representation should be naturally, without particular effort. You ought to feel, that your energy cover is going really to increase (someone, maybe, needs training during a few days), and just after that you may extend your abilities. Don’t be in a hurry, keep feeling of your extent and don’t lose contact with it. Gradually pack the space of the town, you live in, widen in different directions, occupying the atmosphere around you and the Earth in the end. Consolidate at this level and start to move on. Pack the space to the Moon, then move on across the solar system, enveloping all in your consciousness. pack all around you, including the Solar and planets and go on the extension. Gradually include neighboring stars in yourself, constantly extending and enveloping our Galaxy with yourself. Expend to the proportions of our Galaxy and continue to extend further. Don’t forget, that it is not worth to hurry, stop and consolidate at the level you need and then go on moving further. Extend outside our Galaxy, gradually including star-clusters, galaxies, cosmic nebulae. Extend as far as possible. When you feel, that it is not worth to go on extension, then stop at this image and meditate with it, keeping a slight aspiring to extension. Remain in this state as long as possible, constantly maintaining contact with this image, and meditate with it. Being absorbed in this image (it should be naturally and without efforts), you will suddenly feel the acceleration, coming from your physical body, and, practically in one second, you will start to extend to the proportions of created image. At first the energy, coming from your body, will become dynamical, you will seem to be a rocket, cleaving the space, a rushing express. In your body to the endlessness will be packed with the energy, coming from you, and you will absorb in an ocean of energy, immobile and powerful. All Universe will spread about in this ocean. You will be absorbed in the immobility and utterly spread about in it (if you allow), you will be endlessness and eternity, there will be no bounds between life and death, you will be immortal.

If the break and expansion don’t occur, then it is necessary to consolidate the bounds of image and create the strain of immobility between your body and bound of your consciousness. it looks very much like the creation the strain between two palms with forming of energy clot. If you were occupied with massage, then it will be clear for you. Approximately such a strain is generated between your body and bounds of your image. Little by little you pack all this space with immobility of your consciousness, which you practiced during meditation of the inactivity of intellect. After that you also feel a powerful energy, coming from you and packing the space around your body. The quality of energy will be different, there will prevail the immobility, your consciousness will conduct itself differently. It is desirable for you to experience both states - dynamical extension and immovable world.

* * *

While writing these chapters the author had to meditate from the beginning for the purpose of mentalization of this process, moreover there was performed training for a group of meditative practicing, after all there was developed method of teaching, allowing to become proficient in meditation and energy practically without any efforts and to achieve the release. But we knew by experience, that if something comes easily to us, is not appreciated, it is better for everyone to overcome the difficulties in achieving his object. So that’s why we don’t adduce here the statement of the methods and technique. If anybody of readers is not able to master the meditation by means of this book, then we are ready to help him, but not earlier you make sure, that your efforts were unavailing or you run across impossibility of advancing further proper level. At all times people, achieved lucid interval on their own, thanks to their selfless practicing, were honored more, than people, achieved lucid interval with the help of the Teacher. Such people were named “Victor in the True” it doesn’t in no way belittle of the spiritual standard and experience, achieved with the help of the Master, become lucid, in most cases they possess wide range of spiritual strength and knowledge thanks to the continuity of tradition, but the development of soul, the ripeness of soul are showed just in the ability to withstand external difficulties and, in spite of everything, to achieve spiritual summits thanks to the purposefulness.

Later on with the object of helping meditative practicing people will be given chapters, composed with due regard for the experience of the author and of the meditative practicing group.


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